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All About Japanese Girl Group Hkt48 Pop Music Group From Fukuoka

Updated on April 17, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

HKT48 Group Logo


What Is HKT48?

HKT48 is a Japanese pop music group that was new at the time that I first started reading about them. It is actually based in Fukuoka, Japan and is what is called a “sister-group” to the very famous AKB48. They also have their own theater in Hakata where they hold daily practices and performances.

What Is the Objective for This Article Going Forward?

Note: we were at the end of 2015 and HKT48 was over four years old as I composed this article for the first time. As usual, just like with the article about SDN48, attempts will be made to introduce people around the world to Hakata 48 which is the long name of this group. HKT48 is also known as a Japanese idol group. These idols are supposed to present an image of cuteness and be good role models. Much has changed since the first writing of this group's biography.

HKT48: Early Origins

The group has its origins that go back to May 2011. Producer Yasushi Akimoto wanted to expand the Japanese pop music market and he started to hold auditions for a group that was later called HKT48. It was at the AKB48 concert in the Seibu Dome that this group made their debut performance and in November 2011, they began practicing in their own theater.

How Is HKT48 Organized?

The group is divided into sections called generations. The group consists of the 1st generation, 2nd generation, and Team H. In February 2012, 16 members were assigned to Team H.

The Popular Rino Sashihara Joins HKT48

In June 2012, Rino Sashihara was transferred to this group from AKB48. The other most well-known member of Team H is Aika Oota born in 1994. Sashihara was the oldest member of the group at age 23 when I first wrote this but she has graduated from the group. Former members include Yui Komori, Yuko Sugamoto, Airi Taniguchi, Sayaka Eto, and Ayaka Nakanishi. HKT48 has three teams. They are Team H, Team K4and Team T2.

"Shekarashika" May Be HKT48's Best Single

HKT48's Singles So Far

HKT48 also has released 13 singles and they are:

  1. Suki Suki Skip!
  2. Melon Juice
  3. Sakura, Minna De Tabeta
  4. Hikaeme I Love You!
  5. 12 Byou
  6. Shekarashika!
  7. 7.4 Billion Parts To You.
  8. It’s Great
  9. Bagutte Lijan
  10. Kiss wa Matsushikanai no Deshōka?
  11. Hayaokuri Calendar
  12. Ishi
  13. 3-2

"Hikaeme I Love You!"

The Career of HKT48 (2012-2015)

HKT48 celebrated their one year anniversary with a performance in Hakata. Haruka Kodama, the “center” of Team H expressed her happiness at being up on the stage to perform and she said that this would not have been possible without the huge fan support. As she was trying to hold back her tears, then team H captain or leader Chihiro Anai promised that the group would work hard every day. During this performance, the group sang one of AKB48’s newest songs called “Gingham Check.” They also sang SKE48’s and NMB48’s most recent singles. The first song that HKT48 has written called “Hatsukoi Butterfly” was also performed. Congratulations to HKT48 as they looked forward to 2013. The group had announced that they will be holding their 4th generation auditions in 2016. Rino Sashihara made the announcement on December 19, 2015. This was during the HKT48 Himawari Group’s Tadaima Renaichu performance at the HKT48 Theater in Hakata. Aika Oota then mentioned to Maria Imamura: “That means Maria will have kohai” (juniors). Sashihara then suggested that they call her Imamura-san.

About the HKT48 Song "Melon Juice"

Lyrically the song is a summer love song and the melon juice represents the love that she wants to squeeze out of the melon as much as she can. Symbolically, the melon juice can also be used as a cold drink during the hot summer months. When the girl and her lover travel on the train and meet up at school, she says that love is something that has to be worked at and how true that is!

This melon juice that the song describes is a “lonely juice” as the girl is caught in a one sided love affair. She says that this juice will only satisfy her if her eyes meet his. Will they fall in love finally? Or will she be left wondering what is going to happen? This is a very high energy song and one of the best in the career of HKT48.

"Melon Juice" Full Music Video

The Basic Activities Structure of HKT48

The group is signed under Universal Music Japan. Like the other idol groups, HKT48 hold regular concerts. They attend handshake events. These events have the members greeting their fans and signing autographs. Their members also release photo books.

HKT48 To Release 14th Single

As this is being updated, HKT48 is scheduled to release their 14th single on March 10, 2021. The single does not have a title yet. All that is known at this time is that the single will have two members serving as choreographic center.

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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