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All About Japanese Pop Music Singer Rina Katsuta

Updated on February 5, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Rina Katsuta Looks Like Ai Kago In This Picture


Who Is Rina Katsuta?

Rina Katsuta is currently a member of the Japanese girl group called ANGERME (formerly S/Mileage) who deserves coverage and consideration not just because she is set to graduate from this group as well as Hello! Project but she has had a very interesting career in her 21 year life on this planet of ours.

Note: it was sometime in 2013 that I first read about Katsuta and covered her life.

Rina Katsuta Eating a Meal

August 2011: Rina Katsuta's Career Begins

It was in August 2011 that she was announced during a concert that she would be one of the five sub-members under the group’s former name. The person that made this announcement was TSUNKU who is also the producer of the girl group Morning Musume 22.

Her Career and Graduation Plans

However on March 16, 2012, Katsuta was diagnosed with influenza and she had to be absent from a few events because of this condition including TV Tokyo’s PON Spring Festival. She has announced her intention to graduate following a concert at the venue called Pacifico Yokohama. Her intention to graduate was based on plans to graduate and enter the fashion industry. She has that she has no regrets. She had a dream and a goal that she wanted to fulfill and she thought that this was the best time to graduate. The word was that Katsuta had told the staff that she wanted to graduate about a year ago. At this time last year (June) at was decided that she would graduate. However she wanted to respect Ayaka Wada who graduated on June 18, 2019. That is why she ended up announcing her graduation at this certain time. Still, at age 21 announcing her graduation like this is still rather young even for a Japanese idol.

Rina Katsuta Has Done Something Called Birthday Events

It has also been part of an interesting tradition that these Japanese idol singers celebrate their birthdays every year in a birthday event at a specific venue. In her birthday event in 2015 she had two performances in Tokyo.

"Choto Mate Kudasai"

Rina Katsuta Is Also a Writer

On November 1, 2018, Katsuta was chosen to start an article series in the women’s fashion magazine called mina. The name of that series is called “R Fashion Tool.” But who is Rina Katsuta?

Interesting Facts About Rina Katsuta

  • She is very skilled in being able to do cartwheels and handstand forward rolls.
  • Her favorite subjects include Japanese, physical education, and art.
  • Her biggest role models include Risako Sugaya, Erina Mano and Morning Musume.
  • Every member of ANGERME has had an image color. Rina’s color is orange but before this, her image color when the group was under the name of S/Mileage it was yellow.
  • Says that her strong point is her energy. She says that her biggest weak point is that she is lazy.
  • She describes herself as having an outgoing personality.
  • She has had a bad habit of procrastinating when it comes to her math homework.
  • She started to attend college in April 2017 and she ended up graduating from Bunka Gakuen University’s Junior College Department of Fashion in March 2019.

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