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All About Paula Abdul

Updated on May 24, 2013

All About Paula Abdul

All About Paula Abdul
All About Paula Abdul | Source

Paula Abdul Video Shots

Paula Adbul All About Her

Paula Abdul for a Day

I have always admired Paula Abdul and her work over the years, and her beauty, is unmistakable to the public and private eyes. Her many talents, in music, film and her fans have all along stuck by this young lady that impresses us. She is a mega-Impressing star of Television shows one being ,”American Idol” , in which she is a judge over a competition of young starlets and has helped create work for these newbies in the show business aspect of life. She tends to help people most of the time I have seen her in talk shows or any television shows, and to watch her move is an art in itself.

This mega-star, Paula Abdul, is a dancer and still at it with new videos on dancing , and she is about my age if not older, she was born in 1962 in San Fernando , Valley, California on June 19th. She is as young as she is just magnificently beautiful in not only looks yet her attitude toward mankind. Yes she has made headlines that were negative, and if it were you or I we would of made a few also if we were in the limelight of fame. It goes to say there is more positive about Paula Abdul than negative. That is hard to say these days of Drugs and Drinking escapades the younger starlets get mixed up in, maybe they need to look up to Miss Abdul, and reach out and become acquainted with her in some fashion to get a grip of reality and what it takes to be 40 something and still fire red hot.

Paula got her start in the business at age 9 , in North Hollywood, CA. ,what better place for her to show off her talent than in Ca. in Hollywood, where her dance teacher noticed her natural dance talent. Paula was actually at age 7 in theatres performing and touring the country with a local acting group before she resided into Jazz Dancing from age 10 on jazz dancing was her alter ego and her new found profession’s remember her as a Lakers cheerleader and wow was she hot then, as well as now, good things do not wither with age they just get better.

Paula moved on to becoming a choreographer with A&M records, and her first stint was with Mick Jagger and his new hit video called, “Torture” and this is where A&M Records grabbed her and offered her a job as a Chorographer for Janet Jackson videos, and several other artist, and now was known as Hollywood’s premier Dance instructor for the stars, and all that while maintaining her innocence as she has today in time. Paula never let these magnificent deals get to her, she just kept pushing forward.

In May of 1988 after Janet Jackson had noticed the singing talent of Paula Abdul , and that not only was she a hit at dance as well a hit at singing, there in Paula Saved her money and with her contacts did a demo song with Virgin Records and then her career spun once again, and top hits were climbing the charts, with the moves she had that produced a sexy young lady and singing that was so intone you had to love her music and her, she exceeded once again into more fame, How much can she take?

In 1977 ,Paula embarked into Television and made several appearances in ,”Spin City”, and several other shows, and as far as television she had become one of a few ,”American Idols “Top judges on the show. Paula , herself has sold more than 30 million albums in her career and won several awards in acting and dancing in Hollywood, CA., and thus has such an impressive record of her past. This has built up a future for this actress, as if she needed to do more.

Unfortunately, as with most stars their past problems and marriages get headlined in the news, as if I want to focus on this, I will not, this talented young lady still has a good outlook on life and to be as strong a persuader as she is to the public and for the fans of hers, she will always be tops on my list , Is she still married?, Time to take a trip to meet this lady of so much and to interview her someday.

Christopher Hyer3.3.2011


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