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All About Sayumi Michishige of the Pop Music Girl Group Morning Musume

Updated on October 31, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Sayumi Michishige Former Band Leader of the Group Morning Musume

So who is Sayumi Michishige? She is a sixth generation member of the very popular and famous Japanese pop music group Morning Musume. She took over the responsibility of band leader after the graduation of Risa Niigaki on May 18, 2012. She was selected from the Morning Musume Love Audition 2002 to join as a member along with Eri Kamei and Reina Tanaka.

A First Look at Sayumi Michishige


A Sayumi Michishige Article Is Appropriate

In what appears to be this writer’s last article here for a while although time will tell, it is only fitting to write about Michishige because she has done so much for Morning Musume and she has been its leader so an article that looks at her life and career is most appropriate.

Why Is Sayumi Michishige Popular?

In terms of status within Morning Musume & Japanese pop music in general, she is the member with the longest tenure in terms of days served as a member of Morning Musume having been with the group for over 11 years from 2003 through 2014. I would even say that although she has one of the best bikini bodies among Morning Musume girls, she is not the sexiest. But even so, she has had a great life in her 30 years and you will see why.

2 Times That Michishige Made History With Morning Musume

On January 1, 2014, she recorded her 4,000th day as a member of Morning Musume and then became the first member in the group’s history to be a member for 11 years.

Sayumi Michishige's Early Career (2003-2005)

Her debut with the group was on the single “Shabondama.” She is considered to be the weakest member vocally but she refers to herself as the cutest Morning Musume member. I will say that she is kind of cute but so is Ai Takahashi.

Michishige is considered as the one who succeeded Rika Ishikawa because of the role that they both have played within the group. In 2004, Michishige along with Ishikawa formed a group called EcoMoni which is an environmental awareness group. As part of the activities involved, they go to environmental and cultural festivals each summer. In 2005, they released a photo book together called “Angels.” She has appeared on many TV shows. She used to be a regular cast member of Hello! Morning with Yuko Nakazawa and Eri Kamei.

Sayumi Michishige With Ai Takahashi


In Spite of Her Success, Michishige Has Been Frustrated As Well

Speaking of being more than just pop music idols, 2005 was a frustrating year for Michishige. She was assigned to be a mentor for member Koharu Kusumi. Michishige herself admitted that she hated to do this because Kusumi had to be taught everything. It got so frustrating for Michishige that she was plucking out her eyebrows as a result! After this, the Morning Musume mentor-pupil system was discontinued.

Facts About Sayumi Michishige That Some of You May Not Know

Sayumi Michishige was born on July 13, 1989 in Ube, Japan. She is skilled at braiding, y-balance, and math. Her hobbies are collecting things and talking. The motto that she lives by is “never refuse a gift.” She has to be a really generous person to live by those words. Her favorite color is pink. Sayumi enjoys her mother’s homemade spaghetti and chocolate. Her favorite words are left-right symmetry and thank you! It is great to be thankful for obvious reasons.

More Photos of Sayumi Michishige From Her Solo Photo Books or Magazine Pics

With Rika Ishikawa (right).
With Rika Ishikawa (right). | Source

Interesting Facts About Sayumi Michishige

  • Sayumi has an older brother and an older sister.
  • Her official Morning Musume color is pink.
  • She has not changed her hair color since joining Morning Musume.
  • She became close friends with Eri Kamei during their days at training camp.
  • When she was in elementary school, she won an award from aerobics and she also took piano lessons.
  • Prior to her joining Morning Musume, she really admired Ai Takahashi and Rika Ishikawa.
  • Sayumi’s father is a researcher for the chemical company Ube Industries.
  • Sayumi said during a 2012 magazine interview that her favorite Morning Musume song is “Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!”
  • Her favorite word in English is Japan.
  • Her favorite foods are something called Mentaiko Spaghetti and chocolate.

A List of Sayumi Michishige's Photo Book Releases

Sayumi’s photo book releases (I’m only including the ones that she has released individually).

  • Michishige, Sayumi
  • Doukei
  • Love Hello! Michishige Sayumi Photo book
  • Sousou
  • Love Letter
  • 20sai 7gatsu 13nichi
  • La
  • Sayuminglandoll
  • Mille Feuille
  • Blue Rose
  • Your Love
  • Dream

Sayumi Michishige Has Spent Time Outside of Morning Musume With Miki Fujimoto

Although Sayumi Michishige is known for her cuteness, she really likes to have fun too. In January 2011, Miki Fujimoto posted on her blog that Sayumi had come on the Ichihachi show. This is a variety show that also has Fujimoto as a regular cast member. Later that day, Fujimoto then 25 posted another blog entry in which she said that Kumicky also known as Kumiko Funayama came onto the Ichihachi show and she showed her child-like and charismatic nature. Fujimoto reported that they got together and had so much fun! This is old news but it just goes to show that members of Morning Musume past and present are more than just pop music idols.

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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