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All About Steve DVD Review

Updated on October 28, 2009

All About Steve DVD Review

I went to the movies yesterday and saw All about Steve. I must say that I was not expecting much but the movie was great and the performance of Sandra Bullock just blew me away. She plays one of the most quirky, slightly annoying but very likeable characters she has ever played – a great performance. It is almost curious that the movie is called All About Steve because as I watched the movie it was really all about Mary.

The movie is set around Sandra Bullocks character Mary Horowitz, she is a crossword constructor battling against her worlds expectations of wanting her to be ‘normal’, in fact she is far from normal. She has very personal conversations with her hamster, talks incessantly and spouts fact after fact in a way that makes her look like a walking talking thesaurus.

Steve is played by the very handsome Bradley Cooper, a CNN cameraman that ends up being chased all over the country by the overly amorous Mary. ThomasHadenChurch plays reporter Hartman Hughes in a role that takes a cynical swipe at the news industry and their pursuit of sensation and ratings at the expense of the truth.

The movie has some themes of friendship and being true to yourself and being yourself always being the best policy in the end. I have read some other reviews bagging the movie but I for one loved it, especially the performance of Bullock. I highly recommend you to see it too.

All About Steve is released on December 22nd 2009 but you can pre order before that date, just click on the link on this page and order now on – Enjoy!

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