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All About the Beautiful Movie Actress & Singer Aya Ueto

Updated on April 24, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Aya Ueto from Her 2003 Photo Book "September Fourteenth"


Aya Ueto Is Much More Than Just an Actress

This article will cover the life and career of Japanese actress Aya Ueto, someone that I have been reading about since 2010 or so. This is more than likely the most comprehensive article that you will read about her as this article covers over 8 years of research that I have done about her. We will first start with the various work that she has done in the fashion industry so sit back, relax and enjoy yourselves as we take this trip down memory lane and you will learn about who Aya Ueto is. She is much more than just a beautiful movie star.

Aya Ueto With Short Hair


Aya Ueto Starts Her Own Clothing Line

For those of you that don’t know the name Aya Ueto, she is a famous Japanese actress and singer. And she is one of the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen. 2011 was no different for Aya Ueto as she was busier than ever. The actress as of 2011 has her own clothing line where she showcases her own wedding dresses. How about that ladies and gentlemen? The actress is really showing her versatility as a person. Her clothing line is called “U AYA UETO DRESSES”. This would be the fifth time that this collection was being presented at a fashion show. The theme this time was “The dress I want to wear now.” Aya walked down the runway and presented the audience with two different dresses. There was a pure-white dress and a red dress as well. She was very satisfied with this new collection and she was able to create lots of these dresses. The theme of the fashion show made the audience pause. With that pause came the real thought: would Aya prepare herself for the real thing by doing this? It is no surprise why they would wonder about this.

Aya Ueto Spends Time With Actress Ayame Gouriki

For Japanese actress Aya Ueto, 2012 had been a busy yet interesting year as well. In February 2012, Ueto attended a presentation event for the suit retailer Aoki with actress and friend Ayame Gouriki. That was the day after my birthday, February 9, 2012. It is now wonder why I still remember this eent as I write this. . There’s an interesting fact for you. When Ueto saw her friend she said: “She’s really cute. I went through that period myself. I’m often told that I look like Gouriki-chan. I think so too. It’s like I’m watching myself from the past.” Gouriki herself was honored to hear Aya tell her something like that and she smiled. This CM is to encourage people who are entering a new school or company and it is done in the spring season. Gouriki was chosen as the brand’s new CM character. Aya Ueto had endorsed this brand for the past 9 years at the first time I found out about this story. There are two versions of the commercial. In the “Admission Day” version a husband and wife see their son in a suit and how much he has grown as they attend the college graduation ceremony. Aya Ueto goes behind a sakura (cherry blossom) tree and congratulates the son on his suit. In the “Spring Will Come” version, Gouriki wears a suit the day before her entrance to college. Ueto then released a statement about the CM saying: “When I realized, it’s been 9 years. I’m very happy that they’ve continued to use me among the many radiant women out there.” A smile followed her next remark as she said, “I’ve started to notice the way men wear suits and tie their ties. When I see men wearing suits stylishly, I think they’re attractive.”

Aya Ueto With Long Hair

Aya Ueto Has Made Guest Appearances for Fashion Brands & Worn Expensive Jewelry

And especially 2012 was a busy year for Aya even if she is not involved in acting. In March 2012, Aya made an appearance in the fashion magazine called Numero Tokyo for its May edition. Aya’s best known physical qualities are her innocent look and a smile that is so beautiful that it is hard to describe in words. Aya Ueto has a smile that can make any man want to be around her. She is really charming, cute and has class. Aya had what she describes to be a lonely childhood. This is due to the fact that both of her parents were always working. Aya says that her goal is to have a bright and successful future with a husband and a family of her own.

Around the same time that she was doing the photo shoot for Numero Tokyo, Aya appeared as a surprise guest at something called the Spring Collection 2012 fashion show. The event was organized by the fashion magazine “Spring.” She appeared at the end of the show and was immediately welcomed and embraced by the audience. Ueto was excited to be a part of this event. Prior to her appearance, the magazine had invited 500 of its loyal readers and there was also some live performances followed by a live talk show by a comedy group known as Wagaya. This group was stunned at Aya’s beauty so they asked her how she is able to stay so beautiful. Aya said that when she has a day off, she goes to a lava bath, the gym, or she does some yoga. A few months later on May 16th, 2012, Aya became part of a big celebration of a special event. She attended Tiffany & Co.’s 175th anniversary party that had the title “Legendary for 175 Years.” Aya showed up to the event wearing some really expensive and fantastic clothing. Her necklace and ring that she was wearing had a value of 100 million yen! That is a high value. She also wore a stunning blue dress to the event. Ueto stated that she wants to buy jewelry that would match with what her mother wears.

Aya Ueto's Debut Single "Pureness" Performed LIVE

One Other Reason That Aya Ueto Is Fascinating

Here is a look at Japanese actress and singer Aya Ueto. This is a the second part of this article about Aya Ueto. The actress or singer is so popular that she is rated as one of the most popular Japanese women that fans would like to go to the beach with. Of course, Ueto is not the only one that established popularity among the fans in this category.

Aya Ueto's Acting Work

Japanese actress Aya Ueto Filmography-note: this is not a full list of all of her works

  • Satsujinsha - Uragiri no kyoudan (1999)
  • Azumi (2003)
  • Install Insutoru (2004)
  • Azumi 2: Death or Love (2005)
  • The Perfect World of Kai (voice)
  • Sakura no Sono (2008)
  • Surely Someday (2010)
  • Thermae Romae (2012)
  • A Tale of Samurai Cooking: A True Love Story (2013)
  • Oshin (2013)
  • Thermae Romae 2 (2014)

Aya Ueto Has Released Her Own Calendar

There is so much to say about Japanese actress Aya Ueto. She has been involved in a few very famous photo shoots. One of them is when she released her 2013 calendar. In that calendar, she shows us her elegance, cuteness, and sophistication. The other famous photo shoot came in 2009 when Aya Ueto took part in that photo shoot for TIARA Magazine. That was one of her most elegant photo shoots and one that I will always remember.

Aya Ueto The Singer

Aya Ueto is also a solo singer. She has released 5 studio albums. They are:

  1. Ayaueto
  2. Message
  3. Re:
  4. License
  5. Happy Magic Smile Project

Aya Ueto's Marriage, Daughter, & Son

Aya Ueto is beautiful but she has the power and ability to make others notice her too. One of those people who noticed her is actor Hiroshi Abe. Abe and Ueto would go together to get foot baths prior to her marriage in 2012. Ueto liked Abe so much that she described his body as delicious!

Ueto is now married to EXILE front man HIRO. She married him on September 14, 2012 which was also her 27th birthday.

Japanese actress Aya Ueto becomes a mother

Ueto announced also that she wanted to become a mother before she reaches the age of 30. Ueto was one of the most beautiful Japanese women under the age of 30 when I began to read about her life back in 2011. But her dream of becoming a mother would be a reality for her! When she was asked by a reporter if she would prefer a boy or a girl, Ueto simply said that she would not mind what the gender of the child is as long as the baby is healthy. Ueto made the announcement about her pregnancy through her agency Oscar Promotion. Ueto gave birth to a baby girl. Even though her daughter’s date of birth was not given, we will assume that Ueto gave birth to her before reaching age 30.

Note: it is now official that Ueto and her husband HIRO who is now 50 years old have welcomed their second child, a healthy baby boy as of August 1, 2019. Congratulations to Ueto & HIRO as they continue their life with another family member!

Aya Ueto Does Humanitarian Work

In an incredible act of kindness and generosity, Ueto went to Miyagi Prefecture after the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan back in 2011. She helped out by cooking soba and rice for the people that were affected by the tragedy. Initially though, Aya had went there to deliver clothes and other supplies for the people there. But she took it one step further and because of her big heart, many people’s lives were improved for the better. Ueto has made it public that she loves to work with children. So when she helped out those people in Miyagi, that act shows her kindness and caring.

Aya Ueto has acted in dramas and movies, done humanitarian work, starred in commercials, and even released her own calendar. The only thing she has not done is posed in a bikini or swimsuit but it doesn’t matter because she is still one of the most beautiful women in the world!

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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