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All About the Song "I Miss You" by Japanese Girl Group C-ute

Updated on June 12, 2021
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

What Follows is a Review & Analysis of This 26th Major Single Called "I Miss You"

The song I Miss You is the 26th single by former Japanese idol group C-ute and it was released on November 19, 2014. It is part of a two song single with the other part being titled “The Future.”

What is the Song I Miss You About?

The song is most definitely an electro-pop kind of song that focuses on love, heartbreak and romance. In the journey that has taken me from the very first article to this one, never did I think that I would write about just one song but in this case, the song’s message speaks to some of us even if we are not able to resonate with it entirely. The song I Miss You is about someone that knows that they are an adult but they are very insecure.

"I Miss You" Piano Version

A Photo of the 2017 C-ute Calendar & All Five Members


Why Does the Song "I Miss You" Deserve Recognition?

The group deserves a tribute because of the song called I Miss You. I have already included a photo gallery tribute as well as an article about the whole career of the group but this one song alone deserves an article for its good electro-pop beats and passion. However, some of you may find this song very hard to handle as I have sometimes experienced this feeling myself.

Saki Nakajima and Chisato Okai

" I Miss You" Instrumental Version

More About the Song "I Miss You"

Why should there be a tribute to this group you might ask? This is because the song “I Miss You” stands out to me as my favorite song from the group for now and it is one of those very sad songs. It is a song about someone who is really seeking to find love as they have grown out their hair and matured as a human being. However, she has been fighting with her mother more often than in the past. She has gotten more guy friends and she does not even know the reason why. We refer to a situation like that as someone that has been put into the friend zone. I am not an expert on romance but this song is one of the most amazing songs in the history of pop music. Continuing on the subject of the song, this girl or woman as described in the lyrics knows that she is possessive and demanding. She admits that she is dishonest and this is one of the qualities that can destroy any romantic relationship. She is really missing her boyfriend. But in order to win back the love of her life, she has to realize that honesty and being straightforward is the best approach. The song really makes me want to cry but this is a classic song about relationships.

It is very challenging when we have to work on ourselves to change certain things about our character and this song is a classic love song about someone that has a twisted mind as they sit alone drinking tea in a café late at night. Can a kiss really save anyone? A kiss is a powerful expression of love and emotion but the song I Miss You is dedicated to those outside of family that we love very much such as romantic partners or spouses.

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