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Tech N9ne All Hail The N9ne

Updated on March 20, 2010

I first got introduced to Tech N9nes music through the "Beef" movie, to this day I can't get enough when it comes to hip hop beef. Anyway after seeing the movie I bought the beef cd and the title track for the cd was by Tech N9ne and he just absolutely killed that song also I had a system in my car and the bass on that song was insane. After hearing "Beef" i had to hear more from Tech so I did a search for him on Kazaa and downloaded Einstein, I'ma Playa, and FTI. Once I heard those songs I was hooked, I went out and bought Anghellic and Absolute Power, I ended up jamming to them for most of the summer.On top of that he rhymes about a drink I can't go to a party without anymore Caribou Lou (151, Malibu Rum, Pineapple Juice).

It was 2004 and I was still in high school but couldn't figure out at all why the radio wouldn't play any of Tech's songs. Of course I realize now that he isn't on a major label and can't fork out all that cash to have radio stations play his songs 10 times an hour but honestly he doesn't need to and shouldn't have to because hes better than half the rappers in the game. His name comes from his rapid fire lyrics that surpass Twista in my opinion but he isn't locked into one rhyme style. He strays away from his fast flow a lot and spits on slower tracks as well as jumping on more rock and roll sounding beats with the occasional hyphy beat thrown in. He can do it all lyrically, he even jumped on the T-Pain voice synthesizer trend in order to take some shots at the industry on a track called "Blown Away" from his newest album Sickology 101 where he disses Rakim and Keysha Cole .

Now if you've never heard of Tech your probably saying "if hes so great why haven't i heard of him?". Well he isn't on a major label and he's said on several occasions that BET told him that with his red spiked hair and long beard he was to "rock and rollish" for them. On the other hand he said that because of his lyrics and gangsta name choice MTV doesn't want to play his music which is why he has so many "fuck the industry" songs.

That brings me to a whole other side of this article, I actually had a friend of mine tell me that they couldn't take Tech seriously because of how he wears the face paint and has the spiked read hair. Well lets see, The Game had a butterfly on his face and used to be a tongue ring wearing stripper right? Jay Z is supposed to be the best in the game but its no secret that he bites Biggie like his life depends on it and essentially didn't do crap to keep Shyne from ending up in jail. DMX used to constantly write lyrics about guys sucking his dick, Lil Wayne tongue kisses Baby, and Eminem just doesn't give a damn anymore and writes the first thing that pops into his head these days, plus there was the Bruno thing he apparently agreed to do.My point is this, platinum selling artist have done far worse, far more gay, and far more credibility killing things than Tech ever has so get over it.

"I get your death threats cause I'm the king bitchMoney, groupies, drugs, alcohol and bling shit But I stay a head of the game And you punks is so late Cause my 1 gangsta track, will demolish your whole tape I've been with every rapper who's legendary Underground to mainstream know that Tech is very hard Cause I bring the heater Love me cause I'm your leader Bitches they suck my peta While I drinkin' Margaritas Niggaz get layed down Seven displayed sounds N9ne the crayzed klown Lines like sprayed rounds This is for all you haters who don't pump my shit If you say this ain't gangsta then you can suck my dick! I might look like a clown But you niggaz sound like a motherfuckin' circus Fuck you motherfuckers!" - Tech N9ne (Come Gangsta)

"You cry about the way I paint my face
It ain't your taste well homie let my state my case
Im not a devil or damn jester rumors can fester
Never uplift a demon with an image of my ancestor"

"Im immaculate maybe they grab it
If I was blastin a mack
Attackin my people
Cuz I'm black and I'm leathel
With this rap but I'm trapped
But I'm crack
Why you be so close minded
When I rhyme it
Wishing you could find it
Everybody but you mother fuckers get behind it
And I'm doper than a key nigga
Message to we nigga
Rockin sold out shows is where I'm gonna be nigga
And thats all I sell out its something you should see nigga
Betcha would come If I told you it was free nigga" - Tech N9ne (Message To The Black Man)

Essentially I was just writing this because it bothers me that Tech N9ne is the number one selling independent artist in the country and still doesn't get the respect he should. If you haven't listened to any of his music its about time you started because when its all said and done if hes not considered as one of the top 20 if not top 10 rappers that ever did it you'll understand why people say hip hop is dead.

For anybody about to listen to Tech for the first time i'd suggest Mitch Bade, I'ma Playa, Come Gangsta, Riot Maker, Einstein, Beast, Monster, Victory, Absolute Power, Here Comes Tecca Nina, Industry Is Punks, FTI, Midwest Choppers, and thats just to get you started.




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    • profile image

      151 Caribou Lou 7 years ago

      Great singer mate!

      151 rum

      Pineapple juice, and Malibu, caribou get them all numb!

    • profile image

      lil wayne ring tones 8 years ago

      Lil Wayne is still one of the unique rappers. He is very talented and has the intelligence that no other rapper has.

    • Zach Murphy profile image

      Zach Murphy 8 years ago

      One of my favorite rappers of all time. Fuck the mainstream bullshit.

      It's the year of the N9ne.


    • michael1mars profile image

      michael1mars 8 years ago

      he definetly way better than a lot of rappers.He's just too much from mainstream because he doesn't reflect the image.2010 the game will change a lot of albums dropping.Drake seriously is shit in december the Wu-Tang is back

    • profile image

      nebur 8 years ago


    • profile image

      kyle 8 years ago

      damn straight! everyone needs to be listening to Tech

    • BSLIONS profile image

      BSLIONS 8 years ago from Richmond, Va