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All My Children: All My Children Reboot - Prospect Park brings AMC to the Internet!

Updated on May 17, 2013

All My Children returns from the dead!

Whether its life imitation art or art imitating life, we're not sure, but seemingly the impossible has occured.

All My Children, like many of the soaps characters before it, it returning from the dead!

All My Children was cancelled by ABC, its final episode airing on September 23, 2011. It aired on network television for 41 years.

Though All My Children has been off the air for about a year and a half, when storylines resume in the online revival, 5 years will have passed in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania.

First Airdate! All My Children 2.0

All My Children will begin airing on Hulu, HuluPlus and iTunes from April 29, 2013!

New episodes will be available Monday - Thursday at 12PM Eastern!

May 16, 2013 Update! Prospect Park has reduced AMC and OLTL broadcast schedule to two new episodes per week for eacshoal.

When and Where Can I Watch All My Children 2.0 Online?

Prospect Park have inked a deal for both Hulu and iTunes to distribute the All My Children revival.

All My Children will returning in a half hour format though. (It ran for a full hour, including advertising on network television). The half hour format is not unheard of in soap land. Some soaps started as 1/2 hour shows and expanded to the one hour format (Days of our Lives). And the Bold and the Beautiful has never been longer than half an hour.

When will the All My Children (AMC) revival debut? Look out for a first airdate in spring of 2013!

All My Children - The Sequel - Set!

Taping of All My Children 2.0 Starts TODAY!

Check out the video to the right. Jill Larson (Opal Cortlandt) added this to her YouTube account stating that taping on All My Children the Sequel would be commencing in 4 days. The vid was uploaded on February 21, so February 25, 2013 by extraction will see the first taping of All My Children 2.0 scenes!

All My Children the Sequel will tape in Stanford, Connecticut.

Summary of Who's Coming Back/ Been Cast to Pine Valley

Eden Riegel
Bianca Montgomery
Cameo Guest Arc
Julia Barr
Brooke English
Darnell Williams
Jesse Hubbard
Debbi Morgan
Dr. Angela Hubbard
Vincent Irizarry
Dr. David Hayward
Lindsay Hartley
Cara Martin
Jill Larson
Opal Cortlandt
Jordi Vilasuso
Griffin Castillo
Thorsten Kaye
Zach Slater
Robert Scott Wilson
Pete Cortlandt
Opal's son
Ryan Bittle
JR Chandler
Previously portrayed by Jacob Young (now Rick B&B)
Denyse Tontz
Miranda Montgomery
Saleisha Stowers
Cassandra Foster


This section will be updated as news breaks of characters returning, or not returning for the reboot. Time has passed and some of the actors are now entrenched in other projects. Who will come back to the All My Children reboot?

You will find a brief summary here of each of the reported comings, whether they are on contract, guest or cameo appearances.

Eden Riegel (Bianca Montgomery)

Eden Riegel is reportedly set to sign on to do a guest arc on the AMC revival, returning as Bianca, Erica Kane's youngest daughter. Rumor is that a casting call has also gone out for Bianca's daughter, Miranda. Since 5 years will have passed in Pine Valley since the network television finale of All My Children, Miranda is a high school student

What about Susan Lucci (Erica Kane)?

Susan Lucci who appeared on The View stated that her heart was certainly with All My Children. But would she return on Prospect Park's internet revival of the soap?

Lucci stated she hoped to return by just didn't know the answer yet....Stay tuned Erica fans...

Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart Slater)

Alicia Minshew is said to be in talks with Prospect Park about the possiblity of signing on the AMC revival sometime in the future. The lines of communication are open but other commitments prevent Minshew from signing on for the launch.


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