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All My Children -- August 12, 2013

Updated on August 18, 2013

Adam's back and Junior's gonna be in trouble

Jason Derulo was the special musical guest for the gala, but I can't say I've ever heard of him or was overly impressed by the song he sang either.

Hunter was still at the party being a general hose beast. Junior heard some of the trash remarks he was making about Miranda, but it didn't cow the little creep. He needs someone like Billy Clyde to come down hard on him. Now that would scare the crap out of this nasty little punk.

Speaking of Billy Clyde, he runs into Jesse at a bar. Jesse is getting drunk because he's feeling sorry for himself. You know who I'm feeling sorry for, Jesse? All those girls out there Uri is still kidnapping and forcing to become sex slaves, because you helped him get away. Jesse claims he's going to go after Uri, but crawling in a bottle doesn't look very much like he's doing anything about it and every second he wastes feeling sorry for himself is a step further Uri is getting.

Pete keeps saying that he doesn't want Colby to Celia, but when the heifer drags him on the dance floor to dance with him, he doesn't walk away. She even has the nerve to bray that if she wanted to make him fall for her she could do it. Yeah, Pete, that's a great way to convince Celia she's the only one you want.

Later Celia had the misfortune to be stuck in a room with the two hens who don't want her with Pete most: Mama Opal and Conceited Colby. Opal tries to get Celia to give her date with Pete to someone else and when the two hens start pecking at each other Celia makes a hasty exit.

Zach gets Miranda to admit she has feelings for AJ and encourages her to tell him how she feels. Unfortunately, before she can do that, Heather sticks her tongue down AJ throat and he reciprocates. So Miranda will most likely keep to herself how she feels about him.

Dixie, per usual, sticks her nose in David's business. She doesn't like him being around Angie and tells him to stay away. Apparently, her buddy Dr. Joe feels the same as he runs interference when David is trying to talk to Angie. However, David finds a moment alone with Angie and tells her about his fight with Jesse and how he blurted out to him that Cassandra had had an abortion.

I actually believed David, as you could see from the look on his face how he regretted it when he realized Jesse didn't know. Besides, David has experience of having someone throw in your face someone you loved had an abortion.

I know a lot of people are against a David/Angie pairing, but at least David is honest with Angie, which is more than Jesse is. And instead of being with Angie at the party, he's off feeling sorry for himself and drinking himself into a stupor. Yeah, won't it be lovely when Angie comes home from the party and she has to deal with a drunk husband on top of all her other problems.

David also assures Angie it's not her fault Cassandra got an abortion when she reveals how guilty she feels about the whole thing. That she should have been with Cassandra instead of Jesse. Say what you will, but David seems to get and understand Angie and know what she needs to hear to make her feel better. He's been the one who has been giving her the support she's needed throughout this ordeal while Jesse has done nothing but lie to her. And now Jesse is off feeling sorry for himself instead of supporting his wife.

Besides Davis seems to still be in love with Cara, as he watched her while Jason Derulo was singing. But he's not making a fool of himself over her while she's fawning all over precious wittle Junior. However, it appears David may have succeeded in sabotaging Junior's great moment in the sun.

The moment he's been waiting for happens, and Brooke announces that JR did a media presentation. However, when they go to play it, it won't play. It says error. When Brooke reveals she made a back-up copy Junior turns on her. He says she sabotaged his reel and calls her a scheming bitch in front of everyone.

I think what bothered me about this moment most is not one person seemed about to come to Brooke's rescue and tell Junior to shut up and back-off. It's like they all have to pander and placate this loser and can only prop him up and never call him on his garbage.

Well, that's not exactly true. One person came to Brooke's rescue. Adam walked through the door just as Junior was calling Brooke a scheming bitch and told him to go to his study to wait for him. It was the equivalent of go to your room. He treated Junior like an out of control two year old, which is exactly what he's been acting like. The only person in town that won't placate Junior is back, Thank God.

I think All My Children only has three episodes left until it's season finale. Then like a regular prime time show it'll go on hiatus until the next batch of episodes are ready to be shown. So Adam should be in all the final episodes. It'll be interesting to see just what he says to Junior, which will no doubt amp up his steroid use. Here's hoping after that Colby will be next on his list. And I don't think Dimitri will escape unscathed either. I'm betting hearing Dimitri picking up Brooke's phone and answering it spurred Adam to wrap up his business quick to get back to Pine Valley and nip that little bit of trouble in the bud.

Here's hoping coddling mama Dixie doesn't convince Adam to go easy on Junior. Adam needs to spell it out to him that he's spent five years trying to recover the damage Junior did to his company and he's never going to get his grubby paws on it again. Adam gave him a chance to run that company and he ran it into the ground. Junior's living in freaking fairy land if he thinks Adam will ever let him have the reins of his company ever again.


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