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All My Children -- August 14, 2013

Updated on August 18, 2013

David meets Oliver

It turns out David Canary was only back for two scenes and Adam was out the door once more. I'm kind of wondering if he's ill or something, because the scenes were very short. The critical scenes he should have been featured in were shown off-camera. Adam's confrontation with Junior took place off camera and so did his conversation with Brooke and Dixie afterwards. Basically, he came back to call Junior to his study and have a brief romantic scene with Brooke, which Dimitri spied upon.

David couldn't wait to tell I told you so to Cara about Junior, but she was still going on about how David bad and Junior good. However, she was whistling a different tune when JR turned on he when she was trying to comfort him but refused to coddle him. I know they're trying to say the way JR is behaving is because of the steroids, but isn't this the same way he behaved before he started taking them? He came back later to apologize but when JR tried to kiss her, Cara pushed him off her and took off.

Meanwhile David asked Angie to dance with him and they were laughing and having a good time when a drunken Jesse arrived. Jesse and David are like oil and water and they don't mix or maybe I should say they're like gasoline and a match. It wasn't long before they were spewing insults at each other and getting physical. Jesse had to be dragged out and Angie refused David's offer of a ride home.

It was actually a good thing, as David finds Oliver lying on the floor passed out and goes to his aid.

Earlier, Lea approached Jesse to apologize for doing her job and arresting him and like his fellow zipper boy, Zach, he scorned and chastised Lea for doing her job. Jesse is the one who should be apologizing. He should be apologizing to Lea for lying to her and helping Uri get away. He should be apologizing to Zach for letting him be framed for murder. He should be apologizing to Cassandra for making her think she imagined talking to him. And he should be apologizing to Angie for all the lies he told her.

I really hope the show is done with all this garbage of Lea being punished for doing her job. Maybe they're trying to make a statement and that this is the kind of abuse women have to suffer from zippers when she does her job. Although when I think about it have any of the women been written that well?

Opal is a clingy mother hen who acts like she wants to sleep with her own son. Dixie is a mother hen who spouts hypocrisy like it's going out of style. Cara is lying to David that their child is dead and she's sucking up to some guy she doesn't even know. Colby is a desperate slut. Cassandra may have once been strong, now she's been abused and broken down. Celia is a doormat. Evelyn seems afraid of The Guardian. Miranda is being bullied and never stands up to her bully. Heather can tells AJ is not that into her and yet she won't take the hint. Jane holds the age-old female role of serving coffee. The only other really strong woman on the show might be Brooke, but she's trashed behind her back and Junior just humiliated Brooke in public for making a back-up reel and labelled her a scheming bitch. So maybe the crap Lea is putting up with for daring to do her job is just more par for the course.

AJ is upset that Miranda seems to be pushing him away. He confides in her that the way Junior acted is the way he acted when he was a child and that guy scared him. Just as AJ and Miranda are about to confide their feelings for each other the ever intrusive Heather enters and spoils the moment.

Finally, Colby is having a bad day. First, Adam leaves without even saying hello to her. Then David tells her he's not in the mood to go home with her and make his bed springs squeak. Then when the little heifer decides to ruin Celia's dress by smearing food all over her dress, Celia finally has enough and pours water over the little you know what's head. Then she acts like she's the victim because Celia didn't stand there and just take her usual garbage. All this little cretin got was water poured over her empty head. The food she smeared all over Celia ruined her dress, so get bent you foul piece of crap.

You know what? If Pete seriously wants to get Celia back, he needs to have nothing to do with that heifer Colby. Why should Celia believe a word out of his mouth about not wanting Colby when he lets the foul beast keep causing trouble between him and Celia. I'm sorry, but he shouldn't have danced with her and told her once and for all he's not interested no matter how good the blow jobs she gives.

Brooke has had enough of Junior and tells Dixie upfront she's done giving him a chance. Because of Junior's behavior several of the benefactors want to pull their money because that unstable drunk is involved. Brooke and Dimitri have to step into action and take the benefactors to another room and play the back-up reel Brooke made.

Dr. Anders shows up and he and Dixie share a moment. It's pretty obvious he's being groomed as her new love interest even thought both the actor and character are pretty unappealing. She tells him that she hoped when Junior woke up from his coma he would have changed, but now she's afraid he's the same old Junior.

Next week's episodes are the two final episodes of this season. So what cliffhangers will we be left with? In the previews, Dimitri puts the moves on Brooke. AJ appears to discover that Junior is taking steroids. And Cara is freaking out because David has met Oliver.


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