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All My Children -- August 19, 2013

Updated on August 19, 2013

After The Ball

This is the episode that Dixie actually said something nice about David and her tongue didn't fall out of her mouth. In other Dixie news, she told Anders she wishes Tad was there to help her with Junior, but if Tad was there he wouldn't molly-coddle him. He was all for tough love and making Junior grow up and stand on his own two feet and face the consequences for his actions.

When Brooke was delivered the necklace she admired from the auction, she thought Adam had bought it for her, but I knew it was Dimitri. He was standing with her when she admired it. She thanks Adam for it, and he doesn't know what she's talking about. That's when she realizes it was Dimitri. At which point Dimitri tries to kiss her but she stops him before lips meet, saying she loves Adam. Unfortunately, Junior saw the moment and since he's still blaming Brooke for everything that's wrong with his life, he may just have something to use against her with Adam.

Celia has a dream where the man she's been having flashbacks about holds out his hand to her calling her darling. She takes his hand and he turns into a skeleton. Maybe the man in her flashbacks is Celia's father. Celia says her parents died in a car accident, I believe, but maybe that's not how they really died. Maybe her flashbacks are about what really happened.

Colby is drowning her sorrows because Daddy doesn't love her and didn't even acknowledge her while he was in town. Later, since she can find no man to cuddle and make her feel better, she lays in her bed cuddling her teddy bear and crying.

When Junior goes up to see AJ, he finds a very angry son. He won't buy any of Junior's blame game about Brooke being out to get him. Even worse Junior drops his steroid hypo and AJ puts it all together. He's done with Junior.

I thought the young actor that plays AJ did a good job in this scene, but I can't say the same for the actor playing Junior. When AJ threw in his face how he killed Marissa he didn't even react with any sense of guilt. His son just threw in his face that not only did JR kill the woman he was in love with but his son's mother and there was no reaction. One of the reasons you could feel sorry for JR no matter what he did when Jacob Young played the part is he injected some vulnerability and guilt into his performance and this actor doesn't put anything really in the part.

What really bugged me is the BS he was shooting about from the moment he woke from his coma, no one would give him the chance. Is he kidding? Everyone bent over backwards to give him a chance. He should have been walking in David's shoes to experience what it was like to not be given a chance. The only place he wasn't allowed back in was Adam's company and for very good reason. He ran the company financially into the ground and Adam has been working for the last five years to repair all the damage he did. No one would let him near that company again after what he did. Heck, if they had a real police chief instead of one who bends the rules for his friends and himself, Junior would have been arrested for killing Marissa, just like David was. Anyone who wasn't the least bit butt-kissing to Junior was attacked by the Junior butt-kissers. He was given more than a fair chance.

David, no doubt, messed with Junior's disk, but disks can also go bad on their own. Why the heck didn't he think to make a back-up copy of his reel if it was so all important? That's why Brooke did her own reel in case something went wrong and she'd need it. But I suppose that's also Brooke's fault.

Junior even seemed to be trying to blame AJ and Colby for his steroid use, claiming he couldn't stand the way they looked at him when he fell in Jane's and he was walking with a cane. But he promises he'll give them up. Yeah, and how many times did he promise to give up the booze?

Oliver has a peanut allergy and that's why he was passed out on the floor. It apparently gave him a seizure. Now he's clinging to David and asking him not to leave him as he's in the hospital for tests. Of course, Cara is freaking out. But her mother supports keeping the truth from David because of her own bad experiences with Cara's father. While Cara is worried that Oliver is feeling an instinctive bond with David because David is his father. So she watches in panic as David stays with Oliver and she sees how good David is with him.

Celia didn't seem to start having these flashbacks and nightmares until she started dating Pete. Or was it meeting Opal that started it up. Opal seemed to be having the same flashback of blood on the floor that Celia has been having. Did meeting Opal subconsciously start triggering Celia's memories of the past?

Could Brooke be in danger from Junior? When he read the card Adam sent Brooke he crumbled it up and he's got himself convinced that Brooke has been out to get him from the instant he came out of the coma when she was only following Adam's orders. The last time he got in a frame of mind like this he got a gun and tried to kill a room full of people. Will history repeat itself?

And will Cara be added to that list if she should decide to tell David the truth about Oliver? Junior has been having a ball knowing he was taking and keeping David's son from him. Or what will happen if Cara ever discovers Junior stole some of her prescription pad and has been using her name to write himself steroids? Could history once again repeat itself. Only this time will Junior finally pay for his crimes?

I guess only time will tell.


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