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All My Children -- August 21, 2013

Updated on August 19, 2013

Colby and Opal team up

They said this week would be the season finale, but since All My Children showed scenes to the next All My Children, I'm guessing this wasn't the season finale, after all. It must have just been One Life To Live's season finale and boy did it end with a heck of a cliffhanger.

So, they're washing off Opal having the same flashbacks as Celia as her having second sight and it not being about her being involved in whatever happened in the past. Still, it's kind of strange that Celia didn't start having these flashbacks until Pete [and by extension Opal] came into his life. But that's supposedly why she doesn't want her precious son near Celia. But I think it's pretty lame. It would be a better story if good old cringe-worthy Opal was somehow involved in Celia's past and when Celia remembers it'll be a major obstacle for Pete and Celia to overcome. It would give old Opal an actual story, too. Instead we've got Desperation Queen Colby and her lame antics as being the big obstacle between them.

Colby was still whining about Daddy doesn't love me and blaming it all on Brooke and revving up Junior even more in his Brooke hatred. Do these Chandler brats ever own up to the fact that the reason Adam doesn't love them is because of them? Then she started smiling when she eavesdropped on Celia telling Dixie about her problem. Next she wiggled over to Jane's Coffeehouse and enlisted Opal in ruining the big dream date Pete has planned for Celia.

Cara almost goes to Oliver when David is with him and he says he wants him mommy, but good old David-hating Dr. Joe stops her in the nick of time and reassures her that she's doing the right thing keeping Oliver from David and she should think carefully before ever telling him the truth.

Cara needs to really stop with David shot someone in the head and that's why I deemed her unworthy, because I'd like to see what she would have done if Junior and caused Oliver's death and she had a gun in her hand. Wanna bet she'd do exactly the same thing as David. All these people go on about David shooting precious Junior in the head, but they completely dismiss that David's daughter was just killed. Who of these hypocrites wouldn't have done the same in that moment? Who wouldn't have gone a little insane in that moment and killed the person that killed their child.

It seems that Dr. Joe didn't just come to sheer up Cara's resolve that David is unworthy to know his child. He tells Cara she really needs to be careful about the prescriptions she's making out and shows her the one Junior made out in a fake name for steroids. It doesn't take her too long to put two and two together and come up with the right number.

When Junior comes sniffing around the hospital, Cara confronts him about what he did. She's appalled that what he did could cost her her medical career. Then she gets a real good glimpse of the Junior that David has been telling her that he is but that she wouldn't believe. He tells her he knows she won't tell anyone what he did, just like he won't tell her secret that Oliver is David's son. I wanted to yell at her, "How do you like him now?"

I honestly can't feel any pity for her because she knew nothing about him and decided he was David's innocent little victim. She even appointed herself his own personal physical therapist when that's not her job. She's a doctor, not a physical therapist. And no matter how he acted she made excuses for him. So she's really kind of getting what she deserves.

Evelyn was concerned where Celia was when she was off talking to Dixie. She doesn't want Evelyn or her guardian to know about her flashbacks and dreams or that she's been talking to Dixie about them. So when she gets back to the school she lies to Evelyn that she was with Dimitri. Evelyn quickly calls someone and says they both know that's not where Celia was, so it seems pretty obvious that Dimitri is actually Celia's guardian.

David drops by Pete's place gloating over Junior's downfall and says several investors are thinking of pulling out of Chandler and investing in Cortec. It isn't long before Pete is wondering if David was behind what happened to JR. He doesn't exactly deny it.

Meanwhile, Junior is still accusing Brooke of sabotaging him. When Dimitri comes to Brooke's defense, he makes insinuations about Brooke and Dimitri. This causes Brooke to give Dimitri back his necklace and to say it wouldn't be right to keep it. Then Dimitri informs her because of Junior's antics their in danger of losing investors to Cortec. Needless to say that Brooke is more than fed up with Junior and all the trouble he's caused her.

What I want to know is why doesn't anyone ask him why he didn't make a back-up copy of his reel. Granted, I'm not the queen of making back-up copies myself, but if it was so important, having an extra copy laying around might have been a good thing. In business, people make a back-up copy of all their files and databases and keep them off-site in case the place catches on fire or something.

I went a checked the post about the soaps finales and it says that All My Children isn't until Sept 2, so that means there's four more episodes to go. So that may mean Junior could still reach critical mass and go after Brooke in the finale.

I also got a bad feeling that Colby's plan to ruin Celia and Pete's date is to use what she heard to send Celia over the edge. However, what the dumb little man-hungry twit doesn't realize is Celia has a powerful guardian. And if she does do anything to harm Celia, she may be the one who suffers in the end. If the show is planning to go with some Adam vs. Dimitri story, if Dimitri goes after Colby and makes her pay for whatever she does to Celia, it could rev it up.


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