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All My Children -- August 5, 2013

Updated on August 12, 2013

Celia finally sees Colby for what she is

It's hilarious, but it took Colby sabotaging Celia's dress for Celia to finally face what Colby is and tell her off. I just wish she'd slapped the little rodents face. Hearing her going on about how the gala is all her idea was disgusting, when the idea was initially Celia's, not hers.

She also kept shoving a bunch of sexual innuendo at Celia to combat the fact that Celia was telling the truth that Pete doesn't want Colby. For acting so superior to Celia because she spreads it around like it's going out of style, she actually comes off as pathetic with no shred of self-respect. Celia dumped Pete because she thought he was playing her, while Colby's like a dog standing on her hind leg begging Pete to scratch her belly.

That brief warm brotherly moment Colby had with JR was gone, as well. She was back to whining about what a pathetic loser he was for trying to impress Brooke with the media reel he was putting together. That the old JR would have destroyed Brooke. If this hoochie wants Brooke destroyed, why doesn't she do it herself? Alas, if only Brooke was a man, she could sex her up and try to destroy her that way.

Speaking of Brooke and the media reel, Brooke has decided to secretly make a back-up one, not trusting JR not to screw it up. She hopes she won't have to use it, but plans to have a back-up plan to put into motion if something goes wrong. As it turns out it's a good plan, because something is going to go wrong with the reel if I miss my guess.

David and JR get into again. David taunts JR about not bringing a gun to this party like he did the last one. Later, Colby mentions how all of JR's hopes are riding on this media reel impressing Brooke. Me thinks Dr. Dave plans to do something to that reel when he arrives at the gala as Colby's date.

Evelyn arrives with Celia's dress to tell her she's fixed it and it's all ready to wear. She puts it in one of the rooms upstairs. Let's pray old Colby doesn't find out or she'll probably rip it to shreds next. Later, Celia has another of her flashbacks of blood and the strange man [who for some reason I keep thinking is Billy Clyde minus the handle bar mustache]. This time Dixie walks in a comforts her.

Speaking of Dixie, I think it's time to place bets on how long it'll be before he and Dixie are burning up the sheets together. When Dixie confronts Anders because he wants to release Cassandra from the hospital. Then she sees a picture he's looking out and he blurts out he was where Cassandra was and he rebuilt himself.

I have to say I honestly don't care about this man's past, as he's not an interesting character. I think they must have dumped Griffin from the show and brought this dude on to replace him as young male doctor at the hospital. Maybe they thought it'd be way too creepy if Dixie got together with Griffin considering Tad was once married to Cara.

While I don't like Anders, for once I did agree with him. It's way past time for Cassandra to go home. Staying in the hospital isn't going to help her recover and start to get her life back. She needs to go home with Angie and Jesse and start picking up the pieces of her life.

We also had more of AJ and Miranda the not-really just friends anymore. They looked about to be having a moment when Heather entered. I actually cringed when I heard her Valley Girl voice. AJ keeps giving off these, he's not that into you vibes, and she just never gets it. She asked how she looked and he barely looked at her as he said she looked fine. Girl, he wants Miranda, not you, and if Miranda gave him a spin he'd dump you so fast you'd be the one left spinning.

Lea was once again hanging on the fringes of Zach and Miranda scenes trying to be a part of things when the dude couldn't make it clearer he doesn't want her around. Later, he's sneaking in some place and she pulls a gun on him.

Finally, Cara is thanking JR for all he's done for her. Little does she know when her back is turned, he's stealing some blank prescriptions off her prescription pads. I can't help but hope he gets her in some major trouble, as she more than has it coming. She knew this dude two seconds before she started championing him as some kind of hero. She appointed herself his personal physical therapist when she's a doctor and no doctor plays personal PT to any patient. And she confided all her secrets in him. It's more than time for her to get bitten in the butt for her stupidity.

The previews for the next episode are that creep Hunter at the gala bothering Miranda again. Been there, done that, can we drop kick this punk off the show? Talk about a story going nowhere fast. And Opal looking like she's sucking on a lemon as Celia enters the party.

You know, if Celia's guardian is supposedly so protective of her, why isn't he doing something to Big Hair Colby for targeting her. Shouldn't he want to protect his ward from this nasty piece of rich trash? Yeah, I know the mysterious dude is probably happy old Colby causes the break-up of Celia and Pete, but she's targeted this girl under his care that he's supposed to be oh-so protective of, so shouldn't he send someone to teach little Miss Colby a good lesson on what happens to some rich piece of trash if she messes with his ward?


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