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All My Children -- August 7, 2013

Updated on August 18, 2013

Did Opal cause Celia's childhood trauma?

Okay, Dimitri really seems to be pursuing Brooke in a low key way, and it seems like it's not a one-way street and Brooke is also finding herself attracted to Dimitri. It doesn't help that Adam continues to be absent trying to repair the damage to the company that Junior wreaked on it during his tenure.

You know if this was real life and not a soap the moment Erica saw Brooke walking in the gala on the arm of Dimitri she'd be back in Pine Valley so fast it would make everyone's heads spin. And if they have Kendall's apparent death play out on the show, they're really going to need to bring Erica back. However, I have to say I really haven't missed Erica and her dramatics at all.

Opal on the red carpet was one biased cringe-worthy mess. I know a lot of people love this character, but I never could stand her even back in the days that Dorothy Lyman played her and that hasn't changed. She practically had drool dripping from the sides of her mouth as she praised Junior as he and Cara arrived. The blatant hypocrisy characters display for this character makes me think the town should be renamed Hypocrite Valley. Of course when David and Colby entered she couldn't stop the venom from dripping from her tongue as she dug him about being an ex-con. You know what, Opal. Maybe David should have let your precious JR just shoot whomever he was going to shoot instead of trying to save all the worthless hypocritical lives in Pine Valley. She also had what Family Guy's Peter Griffin would describe as a face like a shoe look on her face when Celia entered by herself and prevented Pete from even talking to Celia.

The interesting thing is when Celia entered it appeared Opal was having the same flashbacks that Celia was having. When she went over to confront Evelyn about Celia and Pete, did she figure out who Celia was and realize she'd done something to the girl when she was a child? If she afraid if Celia remembers she tells Pete the truth about his mother? Is that why she's suddenly so against Pete having anything to do with Celia?

Cara had a mini-meltdown because David was at the gala and she was afraid her dirty little secret might just come out. Well, you bring your mother and David's son to the same town he lives in, maybe you should expect that. I can't wait until she gets outted. I just hope her good buddy JR is somehow to blame for it.

As the guests arrived, Billy Clyde was cowering in the bushes. He fantasized that Opal was interviewing him and declaring he was the new Palmer Cortlandt. He also seemed to have a love sick look when Dixie was thanking him for his donation without mentioning his name.

Brooke believes Colby brought David to the gala and is fawning all over him to try and get a rise out of Adam. Meanwhile David suggests the time has come for him and Colby to cool it. He says they're both into other people and they should just keep it as friends.

During the bachelor auction, which Opal was conducting, she tried to prevent Colby from bidding on her beloved baby boy. Meanwhile Evelyn offered to get Celia's guardian to bid on Pete for her, if she wants her to, but Celia says no. Let someone else have him. David bids on Pete for Colby and just as it looks like the spoiled bimbo is going to get what she wants, Dimitri says a mystery bidder has bid $10,000 and Colby looses. Then Dimitri reveals who the winner is and it's Celia, who is shocked. It seems her guardian bidded on Pete for her. But just who is her guardian?

Is it just a coincidence that it was Dimitri who received the bid or was it Dimitri who placed it? Or could it be creepy Billy Clyde Tuggle. Of course, it would be utterly hilarious if Celia's guardian turns out to be Adam and when he comes back he pays more attention to Celia than he does snot-face Colby.

Colby is furious her plans have been thwarted and gets all up in Celia's girl. This is the time a glass of tomato juice was invented for. Too bad Celia doesn't have one that she could throw in this heifer's face that would drip all over her precious dress. Then she'd experience a little karma after trying to ruin Celia's dress.

Also at the gala was Hunter with his richy-rich parents. I guess that's why the principal lets this little crud go around bullying people. Maybe he's from old money, as AJ being rich hasn't scored him any bonus points with the school principal. It's no shock when the creep wastes no time trying to make Miranda miserable.

Of course, the worse scene by far was the Lea and Zach scenes where she apologized to him. For what? She has nothing to apologize for. She was doing her job and the zipper should be the one who apologizes. She pretty much begs him for another chance but he blows her off saying she's too much like Kendall keeping things from him.

Once again, I lament the fact the fact that whenever a woman is strong and a position of authority she's made to feel she's done wrong unless she caves to some zipper. It's why I've always loathed the Duke and Anna pairing on General Hospital. She was a strong woman until she hooked up with that greasy-haired gangster than she was breaking the law to protect his criminal butt. Lea was the only female character I've seen not cave to the demands of a zipper and do her job like a man would, but now they're backtracking and making her apologize to the zipper like she did something wrong by doing her job. Sorry, but the one who did something wrong was good old free pass Jesse. What he did he deserved to be arrested for. He was helping a human trafficker continue to use and abuse women just to protect his own worthless hide. He no longer had the Cassandra excuse for what he was doing once he got her back.

Let me guess. If Lea had taken down a woman there would have been none of this crap for doing her job, but because she took down a zipper she has to pay and repent for doing her job.


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