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All My Children Is Canceled - For Real This Time

Updated on April 14, 2011
First Zach and now the entire soap?!
First Zach and now the entire soap?! | Source

What Will I Do?!

4/14/11 - Say it ain't so, Jack! (Jackson Montgomery, pun intended.) All My Children has officially been cancelled! What? Huh? Nooooooooo! My heart is literally breaking. While as of this writing, this depressing bit of news is not on ABC's website (perhaps, they intend to keep it hush-hush to avoid potential hate mail), TMZ and the LA Times reported this sad news today.

Now, I have to admit the All My Children storylines have taken a downward turn over the last couple years. C'mon, mountain man Caleb is so madly in love with Erica (obsessed, even) that he decided to hurry to her island wedding to stop it? He just has to plead his love for her. He can't help it. He needs to be in the arms of a woman, after all. ABC writers, this man's character is stronger than that...unless his time in Pine Valley has softened him. I seriously doubt the legendary Erica Kane has that much allure. No matter what she thinks.

And what about the girl who gave birth to Jesse and Angie's baby? She went to see Dr. Frankie Hubbard for a check-up in order to secure employment for JR (yeah, she, um, fainted as she was demonstrating why she'd make a top-notch housekeeper. The fainting spell happened after she barged into the Chandler mansion). That's fine, that story is believable..the hospital part. However, when Frankie asked her if she was currently pregnant and she freaked out, saying, "No!" he turned serious and demanded, "Have you recently had a baby?" Okay, let's step back and analyze this a little. Why would a doctor ask that under these circumstances? He would have said, "Are you sure you're not pregnant? Maybe we should take a pregnancy test." But, not a demanding, "You're not pregnant? Then, you must have just had a baby. And that baby must be my new kid sister, who was passed along as if she was really my parents' baby, even though I am completely unaware of that drama." I digress. If you've read my previous opinion of Frankie, then you know I don't think he's all that great an actor. He may be charming. But, an

Another worrisome storyline belongs to JR Chandler. He has suddenly forgotten his immediate lust for Annie (and, yes, I truly think he had feelings for her), and he has suddenly become infatuated with Marissa. And, don't you worry there, friends; Marissa knows he wants her back and that couldn't please her any more than it already does. She's sort of admitted that to her new client and BFF, Bianca.

There are however, some potential stories in All My Children . The fact that the false Reverend Ricky is marrying couples all over Pine Valley is story exciting enough. Wait until Ryan and Greenlee find out they're not actually married! And, because of that fact, wait until Ryan proposes marriage to Madison, the mother of his impending child. Ooh! And the addition of the mother of Angie and Jesse's baby is a juicy story, too. She seems likable enough. Wouldn't that be interesting if she was actually the mother of Damon's kid? Remember her?

Yes, I will be the first to admit that All My Children has skimped on potential storylines, but there has been enough good in their other stories for the 41-year-old soap opera series to continue. I have been a fan of All My Children for the past 30 years, and it will be like a death in the family to tune in this fall to only find that my favorite show gone. All My Children is home to me. I don't know, but I think its disappearance will be cause a void in my life.

In place of All My Children, a lifestyle talk show is slated to air. It is reported that All My Children will be kaput this September, 2011 and ABC's One Life to Live will vanish early 2012.


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    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 6 years ago from Indiana

      Vanessa Marcil said that she came back to GH partly because her friends in the industry said that daytime was dying. Not cool.

    • Rosefall profile image

      Rosefall 6 years ago from Ohio!

      I grew up with All My Children, so this is a devastating blow.

    • Mary Contrary profile image

      Mary Contrary 6 years ago from Columbus, OH

      I'll bet we'll see the demise of all the soap operas, this is just the start. The networks seem to want star driven talk shows and wellness features. I think we need an escape from good old reality and that's where soaps fill in