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All My Children -- July 15, 2013

Updated on July 15, 2013

Jesse waits too late to tell the truth

First off, Angie claimed there was a politician that claimed a woman couldn't get pregnant from being raped, supposedly in support of their anti-abortion stance. I was just sitting there appalled. Could anyone be this stupid and actually hold public office. Do they have any clue that the act of rape and of sex both involve sperm and it's sperm that impregnates a woman? Do we need to start giving politicians an IQ test before they're allowed to run for public office and if they can't pass they can't run for public office? I mean, this has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Could anyone really be that dumb?

The show opened with Angie and Cassandra and when Cassandra expressed her loathing for what was growing inside of her, Angie started pressing her pro-life opinions about the baby being innocent, which just agitated Cassandra even more. Angie ended up going to see a psychiatrist to talk about how she was feeling. She said she's worried if Cassandra has a termination that she may live to regret it and feel guilty about it later, and that was just what she was trying to do by getting Cassandra to see the other side of the issue. Only it didn't really come off as that and seemed more like she disapproved of what Cassandra wanted to do. So Angie said she had to find a way to think about how she really felt without seeming to b urging her to go through with having the baby.

I have my doubts the show will really go through with Cassandra having an abortion. Especially when you've got the living embodiment on the show of someone being able to love a child of rape in Bianca and Miranda. I wonder if Bianca will be brought in to talk to Miranda because she was definitely in the same place Cassandra is in now. The thing is what happened to Miranda was bad, but what has been done to Cassandra is a lot worse. She doesn't even know who the father is. She also was pumped full of drugs so the child could be born with a lot of problems. I also wonder if this is how Miranda will find out the truth about her origins. It does seem both these stories may become interconnected.

Speaking of Miranda, she was actually missing her mother. That was shocked since she hasn't acted like she's been upset that Bianca's been gone; in some ways she's seemed relieved. She confides in AJ that she misses the days when it was just her and Bianca before Gabby came into the picture. I wonder if they're going to build on some Cain and Abel-like relationship between Gabby and Miranda when the truth comes out. I could see Miranda wondering if Bianca loved Gabby more because she wasn't the result of a violent assault against Bianca.

Zach and Lea had breakfast together at the coffeehouse, but Lea was keeping something from Zach. She wasn't telling Zach she was investigating Jesse. She even got a copy of Jesse's hard drive which proved Jesse hadn't received a copy of Uri's dental records by email. Zach, however, quickly turned on Lea and felt that she betrayed him. Me, I was glad she did what she did.

One reason I loathe the Anna and Duke relationship on General Hospital is she was a good cop until she got involved with that greasy gangster and after she started sleeping with him she started twisting the law and overlooking his crimes so she wouldn't have to put his greasy head in jail. It seems that whenever a woman cop gets involved with a man and there's a conflict of interest she stops letting her head do her thinking for her and starts letting her crotch make all the decisions. It's why I was thrilled Lea thought with her head and didn't let her relationship with Zach influence her job. She was the only one who wasn't letting personal feelings cloud the fact that what Jesse was saying didn't add up. Let's hope they keep writing Lea as a professional who won't let her personal feelings affect the job she's supposed to do.

Jesse came to Joe looking for Tad's phone number and ended up spilling the whole nasty mess out to him. Joe advised Jesse it was time to pony up and tell the truth. So Jesse went to Angie to tell her the truth. Only before he could get the words out a fed showed up to arrest Jesse. Angie started screaming that this was some mistake and Jesse was forced to try to tell Angie there wasn't a mistake.

I have to admit I have a hard time taking Dr. Joe seriously when he's giving his empathy and understanding to someone whose done wrong. I just think he's being a total hypocrite. It's because he can't extend that same supposed empathy and understanding to David. Yes, I know David's done bad things, but the man lost his daughter, so couldn't he relate to David and show him an ounce of empathy on that level? The blatant hypocrisy in which he treats David with just tarnishes Joe and makes everything David's always said about Joe and the Martins true, when this family was always the big family of the show.

They write Joe as if he views everything in a very black and white way. The people he sees as being white get empathy and understanding and get free passed for what they've done, while the ones he views as black get spit on and scorned. Jesse is viewed by Joe as being white and everything he's done is okay, but David is black so he should be pelted with stones and driven from town. And the sad fact is Joe was never that narrow-minded before. He never judged anyone. And it's kind of sad that his character has been turned into a judgmental narrow-minded hypocrite who only dispenses understanding to those on his list and everyone else can go rot.


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