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All My Children -- July 1st, 2013

Updated on July 2, 2013

How will Cassandra react to the latest bad news?

Even though Prospect Park is mass releasing all the episodes for one week on a Monday, I'm still going to watch them one a day, since I got used to the schedule.

Anyway it was just like I thought. Cassandra is pregnant, but she hasn't been told yet, as she's still struggling through withdrawal. I also saw people commenting on Hulu about being sick of Angie crying. Seriously, if this happened to their child, wouldn't they be crying? What do they want Angie to be doing? Skip around and whistle as she watches her daughter suffer and has to deal with the fact of telling her daughter she got knocked up by the porn pig that molested her? Seriously, they need to get real.

When Jesse learned about Cassandra's condition, he arranged to meet Uri and punched him, then Uri had his bodyguard punch Jesse twice, after threatening to kill his family. Jesse should have shot first and asked questions later.

Once again, Jesse wasn't there for Angie when she needed comforting while David was. When Angie finds out that Jesse is shielding the pig that abused her daughter and is no doubt continuing to victimize more women, it's going to to be over for Jesse. Right now all her thoughts are on Cassandra, but sooner rather than later she's going to start putting the pieces together and I just don't see Angie understanding him not putting out of business a sex slaver who is going around doing to other girls what he's done to her child. Yes, she would have understood him doing whatever he had to do to get Cassandra back, but once she was back he should have manned up and outted Uri.

Lea and Zach continued to try and figure out who was in the picture with Uri. It was Vlad the impaler, and when Lea and Zach went undercover to investigate a medallion they learned that Vlad may be Uri's brother. We haven't seen Vlad for awhile so I'm wondering if the corpse that filled in for Uri wasn't Vlad. Uri was pissed off that Vlad kidnapped a cop's daughter. And maybe that's why there was a DNA match. Could Uri have killed his own brother just to fake his own death?

Instead of faking his death, Uri could have returned to the Koslov fold and left the country. Is there some reason he wants to escape his family and for them to believe he's dead? Is he not the golden boy of the Koslov clan? Is this something Jesse might be able to use to get rid of Uri for good? Hopefully, Jesse will think so and go to the Koslov's and tell them Uri is alive and let them deal with the nasty little punk.

I guess since Michael Knight doesn't appear to be interested in reprising the role of Tad in the online version of the show, Dr. Anders is going to be Dixie's new love interest. She ran into him outside the hospital and tried to learn more about him. What makes him tick and why he is the way he is. He kind of blew her off after telling her how attractive he thinks she is.

Miranda tried to get AJ to give her the cut direct so Hunter the pig would leave him alone, but AJ refused, saying she's his life and he wouldn't know what to do without her in it. When they were wrestling on the bed, Miranda felt the pull of her feelings for him and climbed off him, realizing the days of doing that without it turning into something more were over. When Heather called, Miranda excused herself, but you could see she was bothered by it.

Junior came to see AJ and wanted to play daddy and try to fix things. AJ asked him to stay out of it. Junior said he would talk to Hunter's father, which will probably just make things worse. Apparently Hunter the pig has a bully squad behind him and everyone in school is afraid of this little puke. Junior also had a few words with Kyle the kid who gave AJ the steroids.

Caca Cara was back, and here I was hoping the little trip Junior arranged for her might last forever and we'd be spared of his two-faced lying face forever. I can't express how disgusting I find her. Not only is she making David think his kid is dead, but she's sharing pictures with the dude who killed David's daughter. The guy that's responsible for David going to jail because he tried to stop him from slaughtering a room full of people. What a disgusting piece of garbage. I really hope Junior fries her brains but good when he's addicted to steroids. And I hope somehow David takes that kid away from her, so she can get a good dose of her own medicine. See how she likes to be the one with no access to her kid, the lying lowlife. Let's see how she likes it when the shoe is on the other foot. When David learns she was sharing his child with Junior why keeping his child from him, she's going to be dead meat. And she so richly deserves it.

As for Junior, it's long past time the writers address exactly why Junior is free as a bird for his part in what happened at the Chandler mansion, while David paid five years of his life for it. In short, why hasn't he been charged for his crimes? Last I heard being in a coma for five years doesn't make you immune to having paying for the crimes you committed.

Zach and Lea returned to the hospital to see if Cassandra recognized Vlad and she told them Uri was the boss and Vlad was the one who kidnapped her. Angie allowed it because she wanted the people that did this punished for what they did to her daughter. It's just more proof when Angie learns what Jesse's doing she's not going to understand it or forgive him for it. Because bottom line, while Jesse is protecting his own hide but not coming forward with the truth, that pig Uri is out there victimizing more girls and that's not something Angie isn't going to forgive him for allowing to happen.


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