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All My Children -- July 24, 2013

Updated on July 29, 2013

Colby isn't as shallow as she seems

The big event in this episode was showing a nicer side to the Colby we've been treated to for weeks. We also got to see the hypocrisy of Joe and Dixie in action.

The episode started out with Colby in bed with David and making fun of Brooke by pretending to film David with her phone. David also wanted to make it clear to Colby they were just fun-time buddies and she agreed wholeheartedly, no doubt still planning to land Pete. Then Pete called and everything changed when she learned what had happened to Cassandra.

The character really needed this, because her shallow and superficial act was wearing thin. It was nice to see under all that big hair their lurked a trace of humanity. She may not give a crap about her brother. She may not have much self-respect for herself the way she sleeps around with men. And she may be very money hungry. But at least there's one person she genuinely cares about...Cassandra.

Pete had tried to visit Cassandra earlier but Angie said that Cass didn't want to see him. Luckily for Colby, Angie wasn't around and she cruised right into the room. And she didn't come alone. She came with shopping bags. At first, Cass wouldn't face her, but Colby managed to get to her and Cass let her apply make-up to her face, but when she looked at herself she expressed her self-hate because of what happened to her. She also told Colby she was pregnant and wanted the baby out of her because it made her sick thinking of it growing inside of her.

Apparently, Angie has transmitted to Cassandra she doesn't want her to get an abortion as well as refusing to allow her to schedule a termination. And since Angie has been pretty much Cassandra's only support system, she hasn't been giving Cassandra what she needs. But Colby did. She told Cassandra to forget about what Angie wants and to think about what she wants. She also assured Cass that no matter what decision she makes, she'll support her and won't hate her. That's what Cassandra needed Angie to do for her, but Angie was putting her own issues and beliefs ahead of what was best for her child.

After leaving Cass, Colby collapsed in David's arms crying over what happened to Cassandra and said it shouldn't even happen to anyone else, again. I don't know if it was a plan so Colby could get in to see Cassandra without Angie trying to block her way, but while Colby was in with Cass David was with Angie. He did tell Colby he'd help her get in to see Cass. So maybe he came to see Angie to keep her busy.

Angie was shocked that David actually had empathy for what Jesse did to save Cass. However, when David learned that Jesse had kept the whole thing from Angie, that's where his empathy ended. He couldn't believe Jesse had done it again and kept something this major from Angie.

Brooke overheard gossip maven Opal trashing David to Jane and drooling over Zach Slater [like Opal's taste in clothes, I don't share her taste in men] and decided Opal would be perfect as Pine Valley's own Joan Rivers, to welcome everyone on the red carpet and televise it. Brooke said if it works out she may have a permanent job to give Opal. Meanwhile dear old Opal is still unaware she sold Palmer's home to Billy Clyde Tuggle. I can't wait until mealy-mouthed Opal finds out. Let's see her go around trashing David after what she did. Of course by then Billy Clyde may be an accepted member of Pine Valley society.

I used to think David was being ridiculous when he said the good members of Pine Valley were a pack of hypocrites, but I can't deny it any longer. Billy Clyde asked Joe over to his new digs, declaring he wants to make amends to Dixie and give her a big fat check for the Miranda Center and that's all Billy Clyde needed to do to get Joe on his side and to give him another chance. But even though David paid for his crimes [which is more than Billy Clyde ever did] Joe won't give him a second chance. And Joe's back history goes back further with Billy Clyde. Is he forgetting that Billy Clyde tried to blow Tad up and then threw him off the Lockport Bridge and Tad lost his memory for years and they thought Tad was dead? Apparently, all it takes to give BC another chance is for him to buy a fancy house and wear fancy clothes and he's turned over a new leaf. I got news for Joe you can dress a pig up in fancy clothes and it's still a pig. Billy Clyde in his fancy smoking jacket still looked like what he is...a sleazy pimp.

Then Dixie wrote Billy Clyde a letter thanking him for saving AJ and saying she was going to give him another chance to prove he'd changed. So David saves her miserable life a couple of times but tries to murder her odious son when he kills David's daughter and David is not fit to walk the earth, but Billy Clyde kidnaps her and nearly kills Tad but because he gives her a big fat check he's worthy of being given a second chance? Well, it's not like we didn't know she was a flaming hypocrite before this.

One thing about Billy Clyde that's been bugging me. Isn't he supposed to be dead? It happened a long time ago, but I seem to remember they found BC's dead body floating in the Lockport Bridge after both he and Tad both fell off it. Don't get me wrong, I like having Billy Clyde back, but isn't he supposed to be dead?

Also, I don't know what Billy Clyde is up to, but I find it extremely weird that he's trying to morph himself into Palmer Cortlandt. Another returned male that I'm not sure what he was up to is Dimitri. When Brooke's phone rang and Dimitri saw it was Adam, he answered it and Adam hung up. Dimitri told Brooke what he did and she thought nothing of it, but was there more to it than that? Does Dimitri have designs on Brooke?


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