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All My Children -- July 3, 2013

Updated on July 8, 2013

Cassandra learns the horrible truth

I don't know where the show is going with this Dr. Anders, but he's coming off as one really big yuck. There's a difference between having no bed side manner and having no human emotions and Anders fits into the latter category. It's the first time I've ever been on Team Dixie's side in a scene when she was appalled by the way he's treating Cassandra and his threat to tell Cassandra she's pregnant if her parents don't. This girl is still trying to recover from heroin addiction. Does she really need that thrown at her until she's a little more stronger than she is at this point. I mean, this is the first time the girl has even been able to sit up.

It's a very good thing Angie actually decides to tell Cassandra the truth, because she did it gently. I don't want to know just how the insensitive oaf would have done it. When he was done, she'd probably been ready to throw herself off the building or something. Of course, Jesse wasn't there to help Angie and Angie is getting a little tired of his absences. Dixie excused him as having work to do. Most likely it was covering his tracks so no one knows of the dirty little deal he made with the Russian pig.

Learning Vlad has pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth, Zach begins to suspect that Uri killed his brother to frame him and to escape punishment for his crimes. Seems it's a family tradition as the Senior Koslov did the same to get more territory. Gee, what a nice pack of animals. You can see why the Russian pig is the way he is.

They go to Jesse with their theory and, of course, he poo-poos it away, saying it was definitely Uri that was identified. He offered to check if they were really Uri's dental records that matched, but you know what he's really going to do is make sure they match so his duplicity isn't found out because his master, Uri, will be upset if everything blows up in his nasty little face.

On a shallow note, it's a shame that the actor that plays Uri plays such a vile and loathsome character. He's really very good looking. He may actually be the best looking actor I've seen on the show. Well, if he keeps playing roles like these, his pretty face won't get him typecasted in handsome leading men roles. By the way, I wonder if he's really Russian or if that's a put-on accent.

Dixie came home to remind JR that David's interview was about to air, and found him and Cara in a compromising position. She didn't seem very impressed by either of them. I'm glad they've given Dixie more to do than being the fawning overprotective mother role. She's become a lot more tolerable to watch.

JR is definitely out to bag Cara. I find it extremely creepy that after costing David his daughter, he's now after his ex-girlfriend and David's kid. The show finally revealed why this punk hasn't been arrested for his part in the tragedy five years ago. For some reason only David's fingerprints were found on the gun, which I find extremely bizarre. What was Junior doing? Wearing gloves? So unless Junior owns up to what he did, which he never will, there's no hard evidence to charge him with anything.

After watching David's interview, Cara put the brakes on JR's pursuit of her. She tells him she's his doctor and they can't cross that line, and as soon as Makenzie is well, she's leaving Pine Valley. He seems to accept it, but when she's out of the room it appears he looks up something on her cell phone and writes something down. Could it be the address where she's got Oliver stashed or was he trying to make it appear she gave him a fake prescription for more steroids. I'm not sure what he's up to, but he's really living up to everything David has said about him.

Cara and David ran into each other at the coffeehouse and David said he's trying to understand what she did and she said his interview reminded her of the old David. Outside of the coffeehouse David had an encounter with JR who is shadow boxing with himself. He's all smug and throws a fake punch at David's face. David seems a bit suspicious of how fast JR has recovered from his coma. JR warns David he should be careful of him. If only the little punk showed this side to everyone else, they wouldn't be playing violin music for poor little JR.

David should really think of going into politics. Brooke tried to do a hatchet interview with him, pointing out all the bad stuff he did, while changing the subject when David would sling mud at poor little innocent JR. In their little verbal bout, David came out the clear winner.

During the interview Pete and Celia had a few moments that Colby made sure to sabotage. Miss Desperation still thinks she's going to land Pete, when he pretty much makes it clear he has no real use for her, not even in bed. David watched it and wasn't bothered. Yes, little Colby is definitely the one night stand type of girl that leaves no lasting impression with the men who plow her fields. One more thing, someone should really tell her that the big Dynasty hair went out with the 80's. In her scenes all I can stare at is that big over-fluffed hair. It's probably the most interesting thing about her.

So to sum things up: Cassandra now has to deal with being pregnant on top of everything else. Jesse is still wearing the stamp on his backside, "Property of Uri." Colby's still panting after Pete or more likely his money and causing problems between Pete and Celia. JR is back to his old self, but he's only showing it around David. And David has yet to meet someone who can put him in his place.


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