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All My Children -- July 31, 2013

Updated on August 12, 2013

David and Jesse have it out

One of the things that made me start to like Lea was when they had her do her job an not be zipper whipped and compromise her job for some man. And from the moment she did her job she's been lashed with Slater zipper and treated like she was bad for doing her job and doing the right thing. It drives me nuts that every time a woman is in a position of power that a man can hold, she gets put through this crap. And the sick part is nine times out of ten women are actually writing this crap. I'd hoped a woman might not be put through this garbage when Lea didn't cave to the zipper but ever since she did her job she's been punished for it. If a man was in the same position you can bet Zipper Boy Slater wouldn't be pulling this kind of crap on him.

The truly sick thing is one of the reasons I've heard why a woman shouldn't be elected president is she won't be able to think with her head and will think emotionally which could put the nation at danger. Yet a woman doesn't put emotions first and break the law for a Zipper's friend and she's bad and evil for doing it. Earth to Zipper Boy Slater, your boy Jesse broke the law and was happy to let you fry, so you look like a stupid Richard for attacking her for doing her job.

What's even made it worse is now they're having Lea follow Slater around like some chastened puppy and he's acting all cold and superior to her because she wouldn't break the law for his friend and look the other way. After he was saying how thrilled he was he didn't stick his wick in her because she did her job and didn't become zipper whipped for him that would have been enough for me. I certainly wouldn't be following this loser around like a lost puppy. Will a woman ever be written decently? It truly is a man's world.

On the other end of the zipper spectrum is Jesse whose going around all mopey because he compromised his position and broke the law and they made him give up his job. What were they thinking? And everyone is oh so sympathetic for the poor blameless darling. Yeah, Lea does her job and doesn't break the law and she treated like dirt, but Jesse breaks the law and helps to frame someone for murder and compromises his position and everyone feels so sorry that the poor crooked cop had to resign. Even the Zipperhead that got framed for murder. If old Zach could actually manage to think with his head and not his fly he might even manage to be a bit angry and feel a bit betrayed about it.

While I can sympathize with Jesse for making a deal with Uri to get Cassandra back, but the moment he got her back that's when the sympathy ends. Uri returns Cassandra half-dead and still Jesse is his inside man and snitch. The minute he got Cassandra back was when he should have come clean, but he didn't, so everything he's getting he so richly deserves. He's lucky he didn't do some jail time. I have absolutely not one shred of sympathy for Jesse when he continued this crap after Cassandra was returned.

When David and Jesse got into it, I was totally on Team David's side. I could understand David's disgust that Jesse didn't even get a slap on the wrist since Pine Valley's slanted hierarchy system was at work again. In short, unless you're considered one of the PV Elite you actually have to pay for your crimes, but if you're a member of the elite you get free passed for your crimes. I also thought Jesse was a real dirt bag for suggesting it was David that killed his own daughter, while trying to stop JR. Hey, dirt bag, what about you trying to make your emotionally fragile daughter think she imagined speaking with you all to protect your dirty cop hide? David even looked like he felt bad when he blurted about Cassandra having an abortion, but he probably thought Jesse would actually check-in with Angie at the hospital, instead of throwing a giant pity party for himself.

Speaking of Cassandra, having the abortion didn't prove the cure-all for all that ailed her. She still feels dirty and hates herself. And she also feels like she's bad for having an abortion whenever she's around Angie. I think it's because Angie made it clear to her she wanted Cassandra to keep the baby, and that's why Cassandra had the procedure done when she could get Angie out of the hospital for a few hours. I didn't really buy the scene where just because Saint Dixie gave her a necklace it made her feel all better.

I don't know what Billy Clyde is up to but it's beyond creepy the way he's stalking anyone connected to Palmer. He acts like Palmer was his daddy or something. The latest person connected to Palmer that this sewer rat is sidling up to was Pete. So this seems to go way beyond Dixie. You know Billy Clyde can try to dress himself up but as Sarah Palin put it, "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig." And Billy Clyde you are still a pimp, not the second coming of Palmer Cortlandt.

I figured the Colby/Cassandra stuff was a brief illusion and once it was over she'd be back to her craptastic self. Her latest ploy to make Celia pay cause Pete wants her and not Colby was to get her to go shopping with her and then give the dress maker fake measurements so Celia won't have anything decent to wear to the gala. She also plans to bid on Pete. Yeah, when sex won't work, buying a man for yourself that doesn't want you is the next best thing. Right, Colby?


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