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All My Children -- June 12, 2013

Updated on June 13, 2013

Dimitri's back

Original Airing: June 12, 2013

The way people were carrying on on Hulu about the Pete/Colby sex scene and how raunchy it was and it needed to be watered down and not be so explicit, I thought maybe they had gone the nudity route or something. To be honest I didn't think it was all that hot, probably because it was just about sex. Pete's in love with Celia and Colby's in love with money. Colby has no real feelings for Pete. Her heart only beats for little greenbacks. There's also the fact there isn't a lick of chemistry between the two actors, no pun intended.

I'm guessing what had people foaming at the mouth was the suggesting that Colby was performing oral sex on Pete. The actress was off-camera and you just saw the actor channeling his inner Meg Ryan from the diner scene in When Harry Met Sally. I guess the big difference is when Meg Ryan did it she was fully clothed and when the actor who plays Pete was doing it he had the illusion of being naked under a sheet. I just found all the affronted posts about how their kids shouldn't be allowed to watch this rather ridiculous. Do you think if your kids see the Meg Ryan diner scene they can't figure out what she's doing? I've never heard Meg Ryan getting anything but praise for that scene, so to be all morally offended over the Pete actor faking it just seems the height of hypocrisy.

I had to break it to some of these puritans, but with all the sex seen on TV, kids now at a pretty early age just what is what. Parents no longer have to give their kids the sex talk, any longer. All they have to do is sit them in front of the TV. On an intellectual level everyone knew the actor was just pretending since actors on soaps don't really have sex when they're pretending to be having sex. Ultimately, I thought it was much ado about nothing.

In regards to Colby, it seems she's only interested in making a living on her back. Maybe she should consider going to work for Billy Clyde. The character is rather ridiculous. Brooke offered her a job that obviously would pay quite a hefty salary and she was affronted by it. But she has no problem putting out in hopes of getting herself a sugar daddy.

I knew the minute JR took those steroids away from AJ he'd end up using them, himself. JR never wants to work for something and always takes the easy way. Having to work to regain his strength is too much hard work, so he figures steroids will be the quick fix. The thing about JR is he has an addictive personality. It isn't just alcohol or drugs that he becomes addicted to, I think that goes for his relationships, as well. Babe was not good for JR, look at all she did to him, but he could break free of her. She destroyed his relationship with Jamie, she cheated on him, she lied about his child being dead. She was toxic for JR but he just couldn't get enough of her, and the same could probably be said for Marissa.

Jessie felt guilty about arresting Zach for a crime he knows he didn't do, but not enough to tell him the truth. Agent Dimwit, of course, believed Zach was guilty, but because of danger from the Koslov's she had him released into her custody. When Jessie went to call Uri and demand Cassandra's return, Uri revealed part of the deal [he just forgot to mention] was Zach being stuck in jail so the Koslov's could go after him. Uri considered Zach being let out on bail as breaking their deal. While Jessie was trying to reconnect to Uri, Cassandra was being carried into an apartment [I'm guessing it's Jessie and Angie's] and she doesn't look to be in good condition. What did Uri have done to her before he dumped her body in her parents' apartment? Did he shoot her up with drugs? Did he drown her? Is she even still alive?

As for the Koslov's wanting to go after Zach, why could they only do so if he was in jail? What are they? A bunch of chicken liver chickens? I don't see Zach with some bodyguards trailing around him? They obviously had no trouble stealing a letter opener with Zach's prints on or taking one of his cars. Why don't the gutless wonders just go after him if that's what they want. Is Zach Slater really that terrifying if he isn't locked up and helpless?

Just as fans guessed, the man Brooke welcomed when she opened the door was Dimitri. I was rather shocked by his appearance. He's semi-bald. Last time I saw him he had a thick head of hair. I'd forgotten ABC had fired him for drug use. People were saying how sickly he locked, but once I got used to the semi-bald head I thought he looked good. He still had the Dimitri Marick twinkle in his eye.

Brooke wanted Dimitri to come and help her run Chandler. She's adamant about keeping JR from sticking his fingers in the cookie jar, again. Part of his job will be to keep an eye on JR and to keep him out of Chandler. Dimitri accepts the job and when JR learns about it he isn't happy. He's so unhappy he injects himself with steroids.

On the personal front, Dimitri revealed he's divorced from Alex. So Dimitri is free as a bird. Some have been speculating that Dimitri will be revealed as Celia's controlling guardian, but so far I'm not picking those kinds of vibes off of him. I guess only time will tell.

Speaking of Celia, she once again tells Pete it's over, but doesn't mention it's because of Colby. I see a lot of fans complaining that Celia is boring. I'm wondering if in this day and age where the popular female characters are more villains than heroines, if a Nina Cortlandt type heroine will be popular with the masses like she was in the height of the Cliff and Nina love story.

Heather asks Celia what she knows about AJ and questions his relationship with Miranda. Seems she's not taking Miranda at her word they're only just friends. She says she doesn't want to be one of those types of women that go after other women's men. In short, she doesn't want to be like Colby. Good idea. No one wants to be like her.


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      Alfredo 3 years ago

      My non-low-carb family auslobtely LOVED this. It's delicious and I'll definitely be serving it again! Can't wait to eat some leftovers for lunch today. Thank you so much for this wonderful website that I've stumbled across