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All My Children -- June 24, 2013

Updated on June 24, 2013

Dixie proves why she shouldn't be Cassandra's therapist

Dr. Anders may be kind of creepy and have no bedside manner, but he was right on the money saying Dixie shouldn't be Cassandra's therapist or counselor or whatever she is. She declared that Cassandra had hallucinated talking to Jessie because her good friend Jessie said it wasn't true. Maybe a [whatever it is she is] without any personal biases wouldn't have dismissed what Cassandra said out-of-hand. This is why you need a therapist who is a stranger to you.

Thankfully, Agent Lea is listening to what Cassandra is saying and she smells a rat, because this whole thing makes no sense. I can't believe I'm actually rooting for her as everyone tells her to just let it go and to go with the flow. Maybe if she keeps on this, she'll discover the truth and put that pig Uri behind bars where he belongs, so the prison inmates can give him a taste of his own medicine.

I really don't have any sympathy for Jessie. I did when he made his deal to get Cassandra back. But she's back now and he's still playing ball with Uri. While he was so upset seeing what Cassandra was going through, all I can think of is all the other girls who will go through the same thing because Jessie is protecting his own hide and letting Uri skate away. What about all the other parents that have to watch their child go through that, Jessie? What about all the parents who may never see their child again? Is it okay, as long as it isn't your kid and you're able to keep your job after what you did?

I'm sorry, but every new girl that pig Uri victimizes is on Jessie for not having the guts to come forward with the truth or hunt the pig down and put him out of business permanently. And he made it crystal clear to Jessie there would be more girls. He even threatened to take other members of Jessie's family. Right now, Jessie's being a gutless coward and he needs to man up and do the right thing.

The only I really felt bad for was Cassandra. She's going through hell as it is, and he's trying to make her think she imagined talking to him. And he's not doing that to protect her, but to protect himself. I think Angie would understand him doing whatever he had to do to get Cassandra back, but no way is she going to understand him allowing Uri to continue to victimize other girls like he did Cassandra. And I don't think Angie bought his lies. She's just too concerned with Cass to call him out, yet.

Meanwhile Dixie went to Joe to tell him about Billy Clyde being back in town. Since Tad isn't around, Joe took it on himself to go to Billy Clyde's crib and confront him. Before he arrived Billy Clyde and turned over his business to his best girl Ruby.

It was just like I thought. Opal sold the house so she can have an excuse to move in the same building as Pete. Well, this mother hen may have think she copped herself a great coup, to the point she doesn't even care who bought Palmer's house, but wait til she finds out just who she sold it to. Billy Clyde used a holding company to hide his identity. I actually can't wait to the witch finds out. See if she's so happy about it then. I'm sure when Dixie finds out she'll make Opal's life miserable for what she did. Yeah, Opal, great move in your inability to cut the apron strings. You sold your husband's home to the man who kidnapped his niece. You'd better stop looking down your trailer trash nose at David after that comes out.

You really have to wonder what Billy Clyde is up to. Is he still obsessed with his Dixie Bird? You gotta think he is. Wanting to dress like her uncle and then to live in her uncle's house. That's beyond creepy.

Colby came to find Pete at the Coffeehouse wanting another roll in the hay The truly hilarious thing was her whole come-on to Pete was kind of a carbon copy of Ruby the hooker coming on to Dr. Joe when he arrived at Billy Clyde's door. Although I'm sure she wouldn't find it amusing she behaves just like a hooker. Like Joe, Pete told her thanks but no thanks. He was more interested in going over the questions David was going to be asked by Brooke during his interview. Of course, Dr. Arrogant believes it'll be no sweat.

When Pete makes it clear he's not interested in Colby, David makes a beeline for her. It isn't long before the two are tearing up the sheets in his hotel room, I'm guessing. Some thing's never change. Well, it's been five years. I'm sure he must have needs. I just hope Colby is on the pill, or David and Pete use protection, cause we could be up to a Who's The Daddy story, and we don't need to go there.

Of course, if it turned out to be David's kid and it was a girl, it would no doubt die. I was just thinking that every daughter David has had has died. Leora, Babe and Marissa. That's a lot of daughters. I guess Cara's kid will survive because he's a boy.

Jane apparently has a secret of her own. She called up someone and left a mysterious message. I actually could go for a David and Jane pairing. I thought they had a bit of chemistry and she actually remembered what David likes to drink. It's a start.

Back to Jane, who could she have called? I really have no clue, as we know so little about her. There wasn't really too much going on when she made the call to give you a clue what it might be connected to.

Previews for Wednesday's show look interesting Dimitri wants Colby to be his assistant. Oh yeah, I can just see Colby and Celia working well together. And AJ goes after Hunter again.


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