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All My Children -- June 26, 2013

Updated on June 26, 2013

Hunter continues to torment Miranda

I can't say I'm really I'm impressed with Pine Valley High. I still find it ridiculous that AJ got suspended for punching Hunter the pig off school grounds and after school hours. What? Is this trash bag related to the principal or is his mother servicing the principal like on Twisted? The teacher saw this pig passing around his latest bit of garbage relating to Miranda and does he take the cell phone away from this punk and see what he's doing? No, he walks out of the room. You know what would really be ironic is if this punk was the one who is really gay.

One thing we know is he's a big fat coward. He could only beat up AJ if he had two guys holding him, cause in a fair fight he'd lose and have to go running home to his mommy to kiss his boo-boo and make it better. Look at how the punk ran ran as fast as he could when Billy Clyde pulled a shiv on him. And Billy Clyde is probably four times this punk's age.

What I want to know is what old Bianca is doing? Miranda asked her to arrange to transfer her to Bramwell Hall and useless Bianca hasn't done anything about it even after what was done to Miranda before, which was pretty bad. And why the heck didn't Miranda go to the principal and tell him what precious Hunter did to her daughter. Why didn't she go to explain that AJ only hit the pig because he was harassing her daughter. Jane saw it and could have been a witness. Instead, she took off on business and doesn't appear to be giving her kid another thought. No wonder Miranda isn't impressed with her as a mother.

Had to laugh how fast good time girl Colby got out of David's bed. She was like a cat who'd done her business in the litter box and couldn't get away from it fast enough. Then she went straight over to Talk Tempo. Sorry, but does this chick ever bathe after one of her romps in bed? She appeared to be wearing the same dress she was wearing when David picked her up in the bar.

I just loved this nit having the nerve to call Dimitri Euro trash. Dimitri's blood is blue and he doesn't need to sleep with men for money. Her lineage goes straight back to the hills of Pigeon Hollow. In short, she's just trailer trash with money and as the saying goes her blood does tell. Apparently, Princess thinks she should be given some high ranking job at Chandler by virtue of being the boss's daughter, even though she'd have no idea how to even do it. No, her only skills would get her a job in a bordello. Did she even graduate from high school? Has she even attended college? Apparently, off-screen Brooke convinces Princess to take an entry level position. She's probably going to use it to try and sabotage Brooke. Here's hoping Dimitri has Brooke's back and stops Princess cold.

You know, I was actually going to give Dixie some credit for keeping her trap shut about David and understanding that Angie needs him their for support. But no, the minute she gets David alone she's ordering him to leave because he's not wanted there. No, YOU don't want him there, but this isn't about YOU it's about Angie, and right now he's the only one that's giving Angie the kind of comfort she needs. YOU and your worthless platitudes aren't doing anything to comfort Angie. And Jesse isn't because all of his lies and secrets are building a wall between him and Angie.

Then the imbecile has the nerve to start acting all self-righteous about him putting a bullet in her precious baby boy. Seriously, Dixie Dumb Pigeon? You really have the nerve to go there? It's like she completely forgets his daughter his dead because of her precious baby boy. Her son is alive and his daughter is dead. If anyone has a reason to whine about something, it's David not you. Your precious son should have been arrested the moment he came out of his coma but because Jesse is Tad's best friend your son is getting a total free pass.

I also enjoyed David suggesting she got her diploma off the Internet. I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what she did. She's like one of those mail order preachers. I really don't see her helping Cassandra much and they should bring in a qualified professional who actually got their education at an accredited university.

I was shocked when I read some of the comments on Hulu complaining about Angie crying. Hello? Are you serious. Angie puts on a brave front for Cassandra then when she's alone she has to let her pain out. Her crying is completely understandable after what her daughter has been though and continues to go through. What do they expect? That Angie be cold and emotionless over her daughter's suffering and everything she's been put through. Any mother would be crying over what their child had gone through.

Unfortunately, Dr. Anders and his cold fish bedside manner aren't help manners. Some times a doctor not only needs to help his patient but give support and comfort to the family. I can understand Angie wanting him off the case after her child almost dies from the treatment he's giving her and he asks like it's no big deal. He also didn't bring up any alternative treatments like David came up with.

And it seems Cassandra's trouble has only begun after Dumb Dixie's reaction to what was on Cassandra's test results. I'm guessing Cassandra is pregnant, which is going to make this nightmare worse. The question is will the online soaps go where the network has always been afraid to go because of pro-lifers? I'm talking about abortion. Would they really allow Cassandra to go through with having an abortion or will they go the safe route and have her deciding to have the baby like they did with Bianca years ago?


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