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All My Children -- June 3, 2013

Updated on June 3, 2013

Billy Clyde dances with the law and steps all over their toes

Original Airing: June 3, 2013

I don't think I've ever enjoyed Billy Clyde so much as I am right now. He tangled with Jesse, Agent Lea and Zach and pretty much came out the winner. When Jesse tried to blame for Cassandra being missing, he turned it back on Jesse and told him it's his fault for being a cop and that's why they took her. Then when Agent Lea tried to pall hardball with him, he wasn't anymore impressed with her than I am. He held his own with Zach, as well, before waltzing out of the interrogation knowing they had absolutely nothing to hold him on. My favorite BC line had to be, "I provide a cervix...I mean service." BC has been one of the bright sides of the show. He basically chewed up Jesse, Agent Lea and Zach and spit them right back out.

The little blonde rat who ratted out Cassandra to Uri and caused her to be taken away, refused to cooperate with Jesse. Of all the girls, she's the least sympathetic. If I had to make a prediction about her it's she'll be walking the stroll in Center City working in Billy Clyde's stable before long. I guess she's living proof that while all the girls are victims, a chick who was a victimizer before she got taken will still be what she is and turn on her fellow victims to try and get in good with her victimizers.

Jesse found a message Cassandra scratched in wood for him and Angie, "I love you Mom and Dad. Cass." When a hysterical Angie shows up he shows it to her, not revealing Uri the Pig has called him up to play some sick cat and mouse game with Jesse.

I can't decide if Uri is arrogant or just plain stupid. He knows he's kidnapped a cop's kid and then he calls him up to taunt him and plans to use his daughter to control the investigation. I hate to break it to the Russian Dingbat but the FBI are involved and maybe he can force Jesse to play footsie with him and turn the other way so he can get his kid back and Uri keeps his flesh peddling business going, but he can't stop the FBI from investigating Although since Agent Lea isn't that bright, it might not be that big of a problem, I suppose. Still, what this idiot is doing is pretty stupid.

My favorite remark I made to Uri's line to Cassandra about now she's really going to get to work is, "It's time for someone to chop off your genital and shove them down your throat."

Potty Mouth Pete [a nickname he more than earned with the non-stop obscenities shooting from his mouth] kept ranting and raving and didn't even notice he was giving Celia a major case of high anxiety. She had another mental flash of thinking her guardian was in the room watching her. When he got off the phone, he still didn't notice how upset she was and treated her in a disinterested way as they headed back to Pine Valley. When he had a run-in with David and the air turned blue around Potty Mouth as the obscenities once again began to fly, Celia made a hasty exit. Most nice girls don't find it very attractive when some guy is shooting obscenities out of his mouth every other word that comes out of his mouth.

Like Billy Clyde, David handled Pete with aplomb and wasn't impressed with his potty mouth, either. He actually treated Pete like an insignificant insect and knew Pete couldn't do anything to him about the press conference. I'd really love to see a scene where David goes up against Billy Clyde. I'm not sure who would come out the winner. Both are good at verbal combat against an aggressor. The winner of the day has to go to BC, though. David only tangled with one person verbally, and BC took on three and won.

In regards to Pete and his over the top potty mouth, Obnoxious Opal should wash his mouth out with soap until he can talk without every other word being a cuss word. Would any businessmen want to do business with this punk and his non-stop stream of filth coming out of his mouth? You're supposed to act in a professional manner, not show you have a mouth like a sewer.

Brooke actually did something that probably isn't going to sit well with the people of Pine Valley. She's going to be doing a talk show and wants David to be her guest and tell his side of the story. She even treated his decently unlike most of the people in good old PV. She doesn't seem to be on the JR Love Bandwagon, either. When JR said he'd like to contribute scripts to her talk show, she nicely suggested he should concentrate on his rehabilitation and leave her talk show to her. I mean, seriously, Brooke is the one who ran a magazine, not JR. Just why did he think he's capable of writing scripts?

Speaking of JR, I saw the actor who is playing the part on CSI Miami this weekend. He was playing some tennis instructor who was seducing under-aged girls and had killed one of them. When I was watching the episode I thought the guy looked familiar then I realized, "Oh, that's the guy that's playing JR now."

On the romance front, I wouldn't mind seeing David hook up with Coffeehouse Jane. Maybe she could even come up with a new latte called the Wayward Hayward. After the initial aren't you the bad doctor who went to prison, she doesn't seem to be copping any kind of attitude against David. That's pretty rare in that town.

I also find that after the way Joe treated David, when he shows compassion to others like Caca Cara and Angie it does nothing for me. It does nothing to wipe away the stench of hypocrite he's wearing like a cheap cologne.


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