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All My Children -- June 5, 2013

Updated on June 5, 2013

Colby returns

Colby returns to town and is pleasantly surprised that Pete has become a hunk. She says she's back to visit JR, but what she really wants is money. She tries to hit Brooke up for $20,000 and is offended when Brooke offers her a job as editor of Teen Tempo, instead. Colby doesn't want to work for a living. She's even more livid when she calls up Adam and he won't give her the money, either. She urges JR to take on Brooke and take Chandler from her because it belongs to them not Brooke. Later she manages to screw up things between Pete and Celia.

Celia asks Evelyn if her parents were crazy. Evelyn thinks it's Pete's fault because she thinks she might be crazy. Celia doesn't mention she keeps seeing some man watching her. Evelyn uses Celia's doubts to convince Celia that Pete isn't for her and she's having these doubts because she knows that. Later, Celia tells Pete she thinks they need to cool things.

When Potty Mouth Pete realizes he can't get rid of David without looking like the bad guy, he decides to play ball with him. But he intends to watch David like a hawk, only he didn't put that nicely. This dude's potty mouth is becoming a serious turn-off. The guy needs to stop embracing his trailer trash roots and learn to clean up his language.

JR eyes AJ's steroids before throwing them away. Later, he sees AJ with David at The Coffeehouse. David isn't overtly trying to poison AJ's mind against JR, but he's pointing out how Marissa and Babe are both dead and blames JR and reminds AJ how violent JR gets when he's drunk and how AJ was afraid of him as a child. He tells AJ he hopes JR has changed for his sake, but doesn't believe he will really change and he's there for him if he needs him.

Uri meets with Jesse and tells him what he wants in exchange for Cassandra.He wants Jesse to help him fake his death. A charred body will be found and Jesse needs to make it look like it's Uri. Of course, Jesse has no way of knowing if Uri will really keep to his end of the deal. Uri could double cross him and what could Jesse do about it? Once Jesse does what he wants he'll have something on Jesse to hold against him.

It's sink or swim time for Jesse when a charred body is found. Jesse tells the fellow officers he wants to handle this case, so it's looking like Jesse is going to do exactly what Uri wants.

Even though JR threw away the steroids, I think he's going to start using them to help with his physical therapy which he feels isn't going as fast as it should be. Colby looks like she may make a play for Pete, but is it because he's good looking or because he's rich. Although if he opens his potty mouth maybe it'll turn her off so much she'll look elsewhere for a walking checkbook. The dude's potty mouth makes him really unattractive and is a real turn-off.

Maybe the King of Obscenity is going to be the official spokesman for foul language as he seemed to be the only one using foul language this episode. Even Teen Obscene, AJ, seemed to manage to control his foul little mouth.


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