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All My Children Online -- Episode 2

Updated on May 2, 2013

Is the coma patient JR or Tad?

Original Airing: Monday, April 30th, 2013

It seems that after the tragedy at the Chandler Mansion, a lot of people decided to leave Pine Valley. It’s seems the entire Martin family, minus Dixie, has left town and has never returned. Dr. Joe Martin, however, has returned to Pine Valley to visit Angie. Jesse lets Angie think that Joe was the surprised he arranged for her and keeps from her his concerns about Cassandra. This is the same thing he did when their baby died, and he substituted another baby for theirs. Angie relates to Joe that it took her a long time but she and Jesse managed to get past what he did and get to the place they are now. Joe, in turns, tells Angie that Ruth is with Jake and Amanda and isn’t ready to come back to Pine Valley. Angie suggests Joe go visit Dixie since she’s still not doing well after all these years.

Meanwhile, Jesse heads to the airport to check to see if Cassandra went through customs. She did and was picked up by a driver. The car was registered to Zach Slater, who he calls for help. Meanwhile, a man handcuffs Cassandra to a bed as he goes through her purse.

Dixie is looking at a picture of her and Tad at their first wedding and she breaks down in Brooke’s arms sobbing, saying how much she misses Tad. Then she goes to visit the coma patient in the hospital. Since the opening credits show Dixie standing next to an icky looking guy who has been cast as JR, I’m guessing he’s the one in the coma, and Tad is the one who is dead that David visited and blamed for him spending five years in prison. Did Tad die saying David was the shooter to protect JR? After Dixie leaves from visiting the coma patient, he begins to move his fingers. It seems after five years he’s waking up.

Dixie seems to be living at the Chandler Mansion with Brooke raising AJ. Brooke is working at the Miranda Center.

Speaking of Miranda, Bianca wants her, Miranda and Gabby to go to a One Direction concert together with her. She reluctantly agrees until she learns it’s for the same night of the school dance and she wants to go to the dance, instead. Miranda gets Bianca to take a hike when Hunter shows up. He asks her to hang with him on Thursday and she’s over the moon. AJ tries to warn her again about Hunter, but she won’t listen. I think there’s something off about this Hunter guy. Maybe he’s just trying to get close to her on a bet because Bianca is gay. Someone posted on her Facebook page asking Miranda is she was a vag-etarian instead of a vegetarian. I think he’s up to something.

Pete meets Heather, a friend of Celia’s, as he tries to learn more about Celia. Her name is Celia Fitzgerald and she’s attending a private school called Bramwell Hall. She has a mysterious guardian she’s never met who seems to control her every move. Celia explains to Evelyn that she works at the Miranda Center and she hands out condoms to hookers. Celia tells Evelyn she’s sick of the confined existence her guardian insists she live and wants to go out and do the same things kids her own age are doing

So, aside from the mystery of what happened to Cassandra, we also have the mystery of who Celia’s guardian could be? And if it is JR who is in the coma and he’s waking up, that means he got away with causing the tragedy at Chandler Mansion while David went to prison for a crime he never committed. And the new hang-out seems to be a coffeehouse run by a woman named Jane.

If the coma patient is indeed JR and he got away with what he did, you can bet David is going to use that secret to make his life miserable and to keep him under his thumb. And the thing is David will have every right to do it since he paid for a crime he never committed.

So far, things are shaping up pretty good. I think the half hour format works better for these episodes. They’re pretty tight with no useless filler. Let’s hope the show can keep going at this pace.


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