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All My Children Online -- Episode 3

Updated on May 2, 2013

Original Airing: Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

We had more of Celia, Evelyn and the mysterious controlling guardian. Evelyn said she’d talked to Celia’s guardian and try to get him to ease up on his iron grip, but she seemed scared of him. It seems the guardian is having Celia’s every move watched, as he was aware of her distributing condoms for the Miranda Center and is demanding she quit working there. Celia threatened to walk out since she’s 18, but Evelyn reminded her she’d have no way of supporting herself. Either she accepts her guardian paying her way and living by his rules or she tries to go out and make it on her own.

Pete, once again, told Opal he doesn’t intend to remain in Pine Valley. He’ll try to fix the mess at Cortlandt Electronics, then he’s heading back to Silicon Valley where he has his own business. However, when Opal learns of Pete and Celia’s encounter, she goes into matchmaking mode hoping that will keep him in Pine Valley. Celia has prepared a document for Brooke and Opal deletes it, saying her son Pete can retrieve it. However, before Pete can arrive, Evelyn texts Celia and she has to leave.

Cara freaks when she sees David walking down the halls of the hospital. It seems from what she said she sent David a letter lying that she miscarried their baby. Griffin is appalled that Cara still has a thing for David and tells her she needs to let him go. Cara wants to get out of Pine Valley as fast as she can. However, Griffin reminds her she promised McKenzie to stay in town and help her through her chemo treatments. Cara vows she’s leaving town as soon as McKenzie is through chemo treatments. Then she begins talking about the horrible thing she did about the baby and David catches the tail end of her conversation and demands to know what Cara is hiding.

Before that David hunted down Angie to thank her for speaking at his parole hearing and helping him to get an early release. She says what happened was more an accident and he didn’t deserve to spend anymore time in prison. She also warns him the people of Pine Valley won’t be thrilled he’s back. David says he can’t let go all the years he spent in prison that he can’t get back. She tries to get him to stay away from Cara, but he goes looking for her.

Zach arrives on Jesse’s doorstep to tell him the car Cassandra got in was registered in his name. He reveals the Koslovs’, a Russian mafia, wants a piece of his casino. That’s why Kendall left him. Jesse doesn’t understand why the Koslov mob would take Cassandra prisoner. It seems Zach knows something about Cassandra that Angie and Jesse don’t. Then Angie comes home. Will Jesse finally level with Angie and tell her the truth about Cassie? If he’s smart, he will. If anything happens to Cassie and Jesse didn’t tell Angie, this time she won’t forgive him.

Meanwhile when Cassandra knocks the tray of food out of the hand of her captor, he embraces his inner Christian Grey and takes off his belt to punish her. They’d better find her quickly while she’s still in one piece.

I was shocked when I saw who was playing Evelyn and realized it was Francesca James. I would have never recognized her. I’m not saying she doesn’t look good, but I remember her when she played Kelly and had dark hair. I didn’t even have a smattering of recognition of who she was.

Opal may regret her matchmaking attempts. Something tells me if Pete get involved with Celia he’s going to have a lot of problems from her guardian. Just who could he be? And if Cara didn’t really have a miscarriage, just where is David and Cara’s child? Did she give it up for adoption?


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