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All My Children Online -- Episode 4

Updated on May 3, 2013

Original Airing: Thursday, May 2, 2013

I was right twice about stuff I suspected. JR is indeed the coma patient and Hunter is a creep. Although I was kind of wishing I was wrong about Hunter, since the actor playing the part was good looking and seemed to have some acting chops.

AJ found Miranda on Colby’s bedroom floor in her bra and panties trying to pull up one of Colby’s too-small pair of jeans. He has to help her pull them up and she vows she’s going to lose weight. The actress has a good figure and doesn’t need to lose weight. Miranda is excited before this is her first date. She puts on a barely there top and AJ says she looks like trailer trash, which she takes as a remark of hitting her where she lives. He apologizes and Bianca thankfully shows up with a different top that doesn’t have skank written all over it. Too bad all this preparation is for nothing.

Hunter shows up and acts so nice and polite when he meets Brooke and Bianca and AJ. He takes Miranda to the Coffee House and asks Miranda if she has any talents, and she draws a picture for him. And that’s when things quickly start going bad. He brings a girl named Sally to the table who is into girls and they invite Miranda to a drug party and suggest she can get it on with both Hunter and Miranda. When Sally places her hand on Miranda’s knee she’s horrified and runs off. AJ, who is also at the Coffee House, punches nasty Hunter.

It seems AJ and Miranda are being groomed as the new teen romance. AJ seems to be into her, but she treats him like a brother running around naked around him. By the time Miranda realizes AJ’s the one for her, he’ll probably have gotten interested in another girl, giving up on Miranda.

Celia tells Brook about her guardian demanding she quit working for the MirandaCenter, but the Celia decides she’s not going to obey and keep working for Brooke. When she gets home she finds roses and a tablet waiting for her. Pete communicates with her on it telling her he’s outside and would like to see her.

Angie tells Jesse and Zach that David is out of prison and she’s helped him get out by speaking up for him at his parole hearing. Jesse is livid. Angie says this town was out for David’s blood before Marissa’s heart even stopped beating and he’s spent enough time in prison. Jesse uses Angie’s attitude about David as an excuse not to tell her that Cassandra has been kidnapped. It’s like he hasn’t learned anything from when he lied to Angie about their baby. He’d better watch out. Angie might dump him and take up with David, then he’ll really have something to yap about in regards to David. Meanwhile, Cassandra is sporting some serious looking bruises on her face courtesy of the violent limo driver holding her prisoner. The guy also keeps feeling up Cassandra and coming on to her. They had really better find her fast, before this guy does more than beat her up.

Griffin threatens to call the cops if David doesn’t leave, but David informs him that he was released from prison. Cara claims she’s over David and never asked if the baby was a boy or girl when she miscarried. Of course, the question remains is she telling him the truth or lying? David, however, points out if she’s so over him, why is she still wearing the necklace he bought her.

After that, David finds him standing outside JR’s room. Yes, JR is the one in the coma. David went to prison for shooting JR. David saw JR’s head sticking out of the secret room and tried to stop him. When David saw Marissa had been shot, he returned the favor and shot JR. JR has been in a coma ever since. So was it Marissa’s grave that David visited when he came back to town?

David’s hatred of JR starts to rise again as he examines his chart. He says JR would be better off if someone pulled the plug on him and it seems that’s exactly what David plans to do. He tells JR to really pull the plug on someone and to be successful you need to turn off the alarms and remove the back-up battery on the life support machines, which is just what David does. David then tells JR the plug on his machine is half hanging out of the electrical socket. He begins to pull it out, then plugs it back in.

Death is too good for JR and he wants JR to continue being a prisoner of his own body. That’s when David sees JR’s fingers moving and he snaps. He’s not going to let JR come back to life when Marissa is dead. He puts his hands around JR’s next and begins to choke him.

If everyone knows that JR was the shooter that killed Marissa and who knows who else, why is David being treated as the bad guy for shooting JR? Why wouldn’t the courts understand that in a moment of insanity David shot JR for killing his daughter? He apparently got ten years. Or was it because he’s David Hayward and this was their chance to finally nail him for something? Is PineValley filled with self-righteous hypocrites as David once declared? I mean, if you saw someone kill your child and you had a gun in your hand, what person wouldn’t shoot the person the killed their child? And if Cara has lied to David that another child of his died when he/she didn’t she’s just as big a creep as her self-righteous brother.


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