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All My Children Online -- Episode 5

Updated on May 7, 2013

Original Airing: May 6. 2013

Dixie came in as David was trying to strangle JR; although he claimed he was only trying to take JR’s pulse. He tried to tell them JR moved his hands and was coming out of the coma, but no one would believe him. Angie managed to stop Jesse from arresting David after Mother Hen Dixie insisted he be arrested. Part of David’s release is he’s supposed to stay away from JR. Angie said she’d but a guard on JR’s room and told David to stay out of JR’s room.

If these people know that JR was the shooter they’re the biggest hypocrites on the planet in regards to the way they’re treating David. Yeah, Dixie-doo-doo, he tried to kill your precious son and your precious son murdered his daughter. Think that makes what he did to your son justifiable.

I never thought the day would come that I was a David Defender, but this is freaking ridiculous. Cara’s just as bad. Yeah, David is evil and what are you? You’re an evil all your own telling a man that just lost his daughter that he lost another child when it’s all a lie. I’m guessing the person she was talking to on the phone was her and David’s child. She wouldn’t even tell David if it was a boy or girl. Hey, sister, you want to get all disdainful about David, maybe you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

The patient she’s staying in town for is called McKenzie Winslow. Never heard of her. Cara asks Angie if she can get her a position on the hospital. How about official bedpan cleaner? It’s what she deserves.

Dixie and her caterwauling to Jesse about demanding David be arrested for killing her precious son made me want to smack her. It’s why I don’t think Miss Chicken Fingers knows JR was the shooter, cause if she does she’s a complete self-righteous hypocrite. Of course, she is anyway, so maybe that’s not a great determiner.

Zach told Jesse to tell Angie about Cassandra, but Jesse says if they get her back before Angie finds out there’s no reason to tell her. Does he think Angie isn’t going to find out afterwards? That she’s not going to be mad about it? Or maybe he thinks Cassie will agree not to mention it? This is the same thing he did before that nearly lost him Angie for good and this idiot still hasn’t learned anything. When he loses Angie, and this time he will, he’s going to deserve it. I wouldn’t put up with some man who decided what I should and shouldn’t know.

Zach told Jesse the men that took Cassie are white slavers. That’s all and good, but why did they take Cassie? Why didn’t she find it odd that Zach would have a car waiting for her to pick her up? In short, what isn’t Zach telling Jesse about his relationship with Cassie?

Any sympathy points Miranda had going for her went out the window when she labeled Bianca as a freak and then blamed Bianca for what her little dream beau did to her. How is that any different from the way she’s being treated. She’s just as bad as her precious Hunter is. AJ let her spend the night with him since she refused to go home with Bianca.

Bianca is another character I didn’t think I’d feel sorry for. I really loathed Bianca when she had to stand there when Marissa told JR she was leaving him for Bianca. I wanted to punch her. She could have had the class to let JR hear this news in privacy. It was totally a creep thing to do. But I really felt sorry for her in the way her own child treated her.

Apparently, Hunter and Sleazy Sally had Jane’s Coffeehouse filled with kids taping the moment when Hunter and Sleazy Sally propositioned Miranda. Jane warned Sleazy Sally that if any of what happened to Miranda got out on Facebook then she’d be spending some time in prison for corrupting a minor. Maybe Sleazy Sally would enjoy it, since I’m sure plenty of inmates would do to her what she did to Miranda.

Celia snuck out to spend time with Pete. She told him that Evelyn was practically her mother as she’s the one who raised her and that her parents died in a car crash. I’m still not coming up with any ideas of who she might be related to. When she snuck back in and looked at herself in the mirror, she imagined a man was standing behind her, but when she turned around no one was there. The man looked a bit like Mark Jennings from Dynasty. He does seem to be someone I’ve seen before, but I’m not sure if it was on All My Children.

After Angie finished her exam and walked out of the room, JR opened his eyes.


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