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All My Children Online -- Episode 7

Updated on May 9, 2013

JR Wakes Up

Original Airing: May 8, 2013

You want to know where the scariest place in Pine Valley is? Inside Dumb Dixie’s dark decrepit little head. She really is the same Chickenhead from Pigeon Hollow. This harpie rants and raves about evil David non-stop at the same time excusing her son for everything he did. He latest fantasy fiction is it’s all David’s fault that JR got a gun and tried to murder everyone at the Chandler Mansion. Yeah, I guess David got the gun, put it in JR’s hand and even squeezed the trigger for him. Right, Dumb Dixie? She’s like one of those mother’s of a kid that shoots up a school and tries to claim it’s not his fault for doing it. God, I really can’t stand this woman.

Her little cup of joy was overflowing over finding AJ visiting JR. She wants him to get all loving and cuddly with the man who murdered his mother. When he’s leaving and David runs into him and tries to make some connection with the last living part of his daughter, the Queen B has a fit. See, David shot her baby and he shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near his grandson, but said grandson should love the daddy who murdered his mommy since it’s all David’s fault he did it. I know I’m repeating myself, but I can’t stand this woman.

Then her world was made when he baby woke-up and called her, “Mama.” You think this Chickenhead is going to get off David’s back because he told her that her precious baby was coming out of his coma. I wouldn’t count on it. That’s not how it works with Chickenhead. She’s only good at mindlessly pecking away at the ground without doing any kind of logical thinking.

There’s a hard and fast rule about lying. If you’re going to lie, keep it simple. Cara decided to give David more possibly made up details about her bogus miscarriage. She wants David to let it go. Guess what, David had let it go. All she succeeded in doing is making David suspicious to the point he’s going to start doing some digging. However, he may not find anything out, as Cara instructs that all documentation that showed she was at some clinic be destroyed.

Angie runs into Jesse and Zach and once again her hubby lies right to her face, even when she says she’s starting to get worried about Cassie since she hasn’t been able to contact her. Meanwhile, the not-so daring duo head to Fancy Nails, which is supposed to be a front for the white slavers. When they get there the place has been cleaned out.

Celia is helping Miranda study and the two compare notes on the creeps they dated. Only thing is Pete isn’t a creep. Celia has been refusing to answer Pete’s calls and he finally takes the hint. When he sees her at the Coffee House he gives her back the picture of her mother he has but otherwise doesn’t give her the time of day.

Meanwhile Miranda tries to get AJ to open up about JR. AJ gets angry and says the worst thing that could happen to him is to have JR back in his life.


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