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All My Children Online -- Episode 9

Updated on May 14, 2013

Original Airing: May 14, 2013

Cara lied to David that she did have an abortion since she didn’t want to bring his demon seed into this world. The interesting thing about her spewing her poison at David is we got a peek into the Pine Valley mindset about the shooting and why it’s all David’s fault and little JR is totally blameless and will never even be charged with a crime. Even though JR was playing eenie meanie mighty-moe as he tried to pick who to shoot at Adam and Brooke’s engagement party, it was all David’s fight for trying to wrestle the gun out of his hand. It’s David who shot and killed Marissa not poor innocent JR. See, if David hadn’t tried to stop JR then if JR shot someone it would have been JR’s fault, but since David tried to stop JR from mass-murdering the crowd gathered at Chandler Mansion it’s all David’s fault. Yeah, it’s the most freaking ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

Meanwhile, JR is wondering where Marissa is. Dixie doesn’t want to upset him by telling him the truth. She also has a fit that Angie isn’t there to take care of her precious baby. Yeah, Bad Angie, she’s upset her daughter has been kidnapped by white slavers, but she should put that all aside for your precious murdering baby. Griffin tells her that JR has retrograde amnesia and it may cause a personality change in him. You mean, like when he’s high on booze?

AJ comes to visit Daddy Rat Bag but JR doesn’t remember him. Apparently, AJ also goes along with the Pine Valley Mindset that it isn’t JR’s fault that Marissa got shot even though he was the one hiding and cowering in the secret room with a gun. No, it’s all David’s fault.

Bianca asks Zach to meet her to talk about Miranda. She’s worried what Miranda do if and when she finds out she’s a rape baby. Bianca is thinking she should tell Miranda the truth, before she stumbles upon the truth, herself.

While Angie was learning the truth that her daughter had been kidnapped by white slavers, Cassandra was having booze shoved down her throat as Uri made her strip for him in practice for making her go up on stage and pole dance and strip for the men gathered so they can bid on her for which one gets her for the night.

Zach managed to infiltrate the sex club and hopefully he’ll find and rescue her. I’ve really had more than enough of this story and will be glad when it ends. I still don’t know why Cassandra doesn’t tell the head pig, Uri, you kidnapped the daughter of the Police Commissioner, you stinking moron. And there’s still no word on why they kidnapped her. They didn’t just pick her up off the street. They used Zach’s car and she got in the car because she didn’t think it was odd for Zach to send a car for her. Just what was that about? What’s going on there sounds more interesting than this sex ring story.


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