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All My Children Online -- May 16, 2013

Updated on May 16, 2013

An All My Children Legend Returns

Original Airing: May 16, 2013

My favorite part of the episode had to be the end when I saw who was back. I actually squealed like a pig in delight. Although, I thought he was dead. I don’t care. I’m just thrilled that he’s back.

Caca Cara was her usual hypocritical self today telling JR it isn’t his fault he killed Marissa because he and David were fighting over the gun. No, more people might have died if David hadn’t tried taking the gun away from him. Then spewing venom about David shooting JR. I’m sure she has to keep her garbage up, because it makes her believe she’s the good guy for telling a man who just lost his daughter that his baby was dead when it wasn’t. Then JR rocked Caca’s world be telling her he heard her talking about the fact her baby isn’t really dead while he was in a coma. Want to drool all over Junior and tell him how blameless he is now? I hope Caca learns the hard way that Junior isn’t the saint she and Dumb Pigeon are trying to paint him as.

I’d seriously love to see what Caca and Dumb Pigeon would do if someone had killed their child. Throw their arms around them and give them a kiss of forgiveness and say it’s all right you killed my kid? Yeah, right.

Meanwhile David approached Pete about financially backing the comeback of Cortlandt Electronics. Pete wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about it, given the PineValley mindset. He said he’d think about it. Just wait until that hillbilly horror of a mother of his finds out. It won’t be pretty. Meanwhile Celia called up Pete to tell him she was being forced to go away with Evelyn by the mysterious guardian. He dressed up as a chauffeur and took Evelyn’s passport out of her purse so she’d have to go back and get it, and when he was gone, Celia and Pete took off in his car.

Apparently one person doesn’t think JR is the greatest and it’s Bianca. She has a fit when she learns he’s awake and says JR always gets away with everything because people are always making excuses for him. Can you say Dumb Pigeon? She’s about the only one who isn’t on the JR Love Bandwagon. She also told Miranda she doesn’t want her anywhere near JR, but Miranda refuses to abandon AJ. Unfortunately, Binky is also anti-David. She blames David for hurting Marissa when she was alive. You’d think she would be grateful David shot JR. That’s the problem with Binks. You can like her on some small issues but then dislike her on the whole.

Angie and Jesse figured out the area the sex den where the girls are being kept is, but they still don’t have an exact location. Meanwhile Uri threatened to leave Cassandra in a room with Vlad to do with her as he pleased unless she performed in his porn. Then he threatened if she didn’t do better he’d have her play in a snuff film. Uri also thinks he’s taking over the CenterCity action, even though the current pimp in charge of the area won’t like it. But this pumped-up turkey thinks no one can touch him.

The pimp in charge of the area is none other than Billy Clyde Tuggle. [insert happy scream] Yeah, Billy Clyde is back. Here’s hoping he still has a hankering for Dumb Pigoen. Back in the day he was obsessed with her. I’d love some trouble to come her way. Too bad Tad isn’t back. Billy Clyde pushed him off the LockportBridge, I think it was, which prevented Tad and Dixie from marrying and caused Tad to develop amnesia and believe he was Ted Orsini.

As sleazy as Billy Clyde is, I’m on Team Billy Clyde. I hope he gives that punk Uri exactly what he deserves. As bad as Billy Clyde is he does kidnap girls and do the things this filthy pig does.

Finally, JR is being released from the hospital to recuperate at ChandlerMansion, without any sight of him being arrested for his crimes. He also thinks he’s going to be in charge on Chandler Enterprises. Not so fast, Junior. Brooke informs him she’s in charge of Chandler and Adam wants him nowhere near his company since he’s spent all these years repairing all the damage Junior did to it. It’s not much, but finally someone isn’t molly coddling this creep. You can stay in Adam’s house, but stay away from his company.


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