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All My Children Online -- May 27, 2013

Updated on May 31, 2013

Is Bianca planning to tell Miranda the truth?

Original Airing: May 27, 2013

You know, when David used to make all his accusations against Joe I didn’t believe them, but now I do. I didn’t even want to watch when David approached Joe, because I knew exactly what he would do. And I was absolutely disgusted with Joe’s coddling of Caca Cara because she’s a Martin.

I loved David spitting in her face and giving her back a little of the garbage she’s been spitting at him. But Princess can’t take it when she gets a dose of her own medicine. It’s one of the many reasons I loathe this character. She loves dishing it out, but she can’t take it when she gets it thrown back at her for a change. I found her disgusting the way she was weeping on Daddy Joe’s shoulder. “Oh, Daddy Joe, it’s not true. I had to lie to David because he’s evil and must never know I had his child. Boo-hoo! Boo-hoo!”

And I’m sorry, but this chick is no physical therapist. Since when does a doctor do physical therapy on a patient. She’s just doing it because JR revealed he knew her dirty little secret and she’s sucking up to him to make sure he doesn’t spill it.

I also think the way this whole JR story is being handled is ridiculous. David gets five years for trying to stop a drunk from trying to commit premeditated murder, while the drunk who was trying to commit premeditated murder doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist. Unfortunately, as long as Dixie’s own private cop, Jesse, is in charge, I don’t think he’ll ever face any kind of punishment.

Speaking of Junior, he found AJ’s steroids and confronted him about it. AJ started screaming at him at the top of his lungs before storming off. The actor must have had a sore throat afterwards. Junior was left with a bag of steroids. Wonder if he’ll start popping them, himself. Maybe he’ll think they’ll help him with his physical therapy and get hooked.

So now the Russian Pig is going to sell Cassandra and the filthy dirt bag made her get down on her hands and knees to beg him for her life. You know, this crud is one of those criminals that there really isn’t a punishment bad enough to make him pay for his crimes. It makes you think our ancestors had it right with their eye for an eye justice system. Everything he’s done to all these girls, he should be made to suffer himself. Only then would he truly pay for his crimes. Jail time or death really won’t make up for this filthy pig has done.

It looks like Bianca was preparing to tell Miranda the truth about her origins what with the plan to have them have dinner with Zach alone. Unfortunately, she got called out of town and had to cancel, which is probably a sure sign Miranda will find out before Bianca gets a chance to tell her.

Finally, Zach and Agent Lea hacked into Uri’s dirty little sex site and saw the dirty video Uri made Cassandra made. Zach vowed to kill them if Lea doesn’t nail them. Can’t really say I’m feeling the Zach/Lea thing. All the dirty talk and crude sexual remarks aren’t helping. I’m kind of not feeling any couple at the moment on this show to be honest.


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