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All My Children Online -- May 29, 2013

Updated on May 31, 2013

David's desperate measure may backfire on him

Original Airing: May 29, 2013

This episode had a couple of eye-rolling moments courtesy of Junior and Opal.

Sometimes a so-called reformed sinner can be the biggest hypocrite of them all. David was looking for Pete after he got turned down by Joe and Opal declared her Petey would never be in business with David. Then started going on about all he did. Yeah, well I remember all the things she did when Dorothy Lyman played the part. Judge not less ye be judged, hypocrite.

Getting no help or understanding from the Hillbilly Hypocrite, David decided to hold a press conference announcing how he was in partner with Cortlandt Electronics and about to put on the market a new machine that will change the world. He decides to hold the press conference at The Coffeehouse and Jane the Coffeehouse Queen starts going on about, “Aren’t you the guy that went to prison for…”

When Petey sees David’s press conference he goes ballistic since he wants nothing to do with being in business with David. Celia didn’t seem to impressed by his ranting and raving about David. Neither was I. By the way, while love bug was going trotting around New York with his teen girlfriend has he even given one thought about Cortlandt Electronics?

Meanwhile, Celia has another of those freak-out moments where she thinks she sees a man watching her. I'm guessing her guardian has her so freaked out that she thinks he's omnipotent and can see everything she does.

You know, if you just got out of prison, don’t go to Pine Valley. They don’t believe in giving anyone a second chance unless you’re a member of their exclusive club. They’ll make you wish you were back in prison where people treated you decently and weren’t constantly throwing your past in your face.

Junior was whining because no one will give him a second chance and realize he’s changed. Yeah, he really said that. He’s apparently whining because they won’t let him be head of Chandler Enterprises so his life can go back to just the way it was before he took a gun and tried to murder everyone. All his whining proved true to his devoted Caca Cara as Brooke came in while he was holding the alcohol decanter and didn’t believe he wasn’t drinking.

You know I’m sure David would like the five years he lost because he tried to stop Junior from murdering God knows how many people. I’m sure Marissa would like to not be dead and have her life back. When this bozo gets arrested for premeditated murder instead of getting a free pass like he’s Pine Valley’s version of Lindsay Lohan, then he’ll have a right to whine. Until then, shut up your face.

Brooke warned Caca to be careful Junior doesn’t end up screwing her over as he’s done to so many people before her. I hope he does. It’ll serve her right for championing some guy she knows absolutely nothing about while condemning David like the rest of Pine Valley just so the hypocrite can feel she did the right thing by telling a guy who just lost his child that he just lost another child.

After being misjudged by Brooke for holding the whiskey decanter, Junior realizes he did the same thing to AJ and goes to him. Only AJ reacts the same as Brooke when he hears about the whiskey decanter incident. Junior doesn’t get because of his long history of alcoholism when someone sees him with booze in his hand it’s not equal to thinking squeaky clean AJ is doing drugs.

Miranda gets snubbed by all the kids at school apparently because Hunter the Dick rules the school and he’s put out the world against Miranda. Miranda, however, is befriended by Heather who goes to Bramwell Hall. After Miranda leaves The Dick starts harassing Heather next.

Finally, Jesse hears Zach talking about not wanting Jesse to see the Cassandra video and insists seeing it. Jesse is devastated, however, he also recognizes the menu on the nightstand and he, Agent Lea and Zach are able to track down the hotel the video was filmed in. Billy Clyde is able to do the same when he blackmails one of his former customers, Uri, into revealing what he knows about the sex ring. He ends up at the same hotel just as Jesse arrives.


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