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All My Children Online -- Thoughts For The Week

Updated on May 6, 2013
  1. Who is Celia’s mysterious guardian that seems to be all-knowing and all-seeing? Evelyn looked a bit afraid to approach him on Celia’s behalf. I keep thinking he must be someone we know. Could it be Zach Slater? I think David has too much on his plate. And Adam seems to have meddled too much to become an overbearing guardian. Perhaps it’s the head of this Koslov mob who have kidnapped Cassandra? Whatever the case, I don’t think secret guardian is going to like Celia’s budding romance with Pete.
  2. While Miranda has the Bianca being gay thing to have to deal with, the teen character that really seems to be poised for the best story is AJ. His father killed his mother and then his grandfather shot his father. Now it looks like his father is coming out of his coma. That’s some pretty big baggage to carry around with you. While AJ seems to be pretty well adjusted, that may all just be on the surface. When he heard Brooke talking about what happened five years ago, he snapped that why can’t they just forget about it. It’ll be interesting to watch his story unfold.
  3. Do people know it was JR that caused the tragedy at the Chandler Mansion? Or do they think David did it. If they know JR caused the mess, it seems a little hypocritical of the PV residents to go after David for shooting the man who killed his daughter? What parent wouldn’t do the same under the same circumstances? I think they said David was in jail for manslaughter, but JR isn’t dead, so was David blamed for what happened? I was never really a Team David person, but so far this story has me totally on his side.
  4. So just what happened to Tad? It seems like he must be dead and have died in the shooting, as well. It might account for the Martin family moving away from Pine Valley and not wanting to come back. Although from the opening credits, Joe may be back for more than just a visit.
  5. Just what is going on between Zach and Cassandra? The Koslov mob want a piece of Zach’s casino, so why do they think kidnapping Cassie would get them it. She got into the limo with the driver because she probably saw it came from Zach’s casino. Zach said Kendall left him because of the Koslov family’s threats. Is it possible that Zach and Cassie are somehow romantically involved?
  6. I seriously want to kick Jesse into next week. After nearly losing Angie because of the big baby lie, you’d think he’d be all about full disclosure to Angie. Nope. He’s using the fact that he and Angie disagree about David as proof she couldn’t handle hearing that Cassie is in danger. Dude, when Angie does find out her daughter is in danger, your butt is going to be bacon and Angie is going to be frying it up in a pan and you’ll deserve it.
  7. If Cara lied to David about having a miscarriage, she truly is foul. The man just saw his daughter killed before his eyes, and then she told him another of his children had died. That’s just contemptible. I seem to remember Amanda saying she and Jake were going to have another baby to raise. I wonder since both Jake and Amanda and Cara all left Pine Valley if Cara let Jake and Amanda adopt her and David’s child.
  8. One character I wish they hadn’t brought to the online show is Griffin. So far the dude has been beyond annoying. He needs to get his nose out of his sister’s love life and find a love life of his own.
  9. Okay, so who is McKenzie? I can’t recall any character by that name. Is she a new character? Why is Cara so important to her? All we know is she has cancer and needs Cara to help her get through it.
  10. Characters I’m glad didn’t make it to the online version: Krstyal With A K. I much rather have the new character Jane over KWAK any day. Ryan and Greenlee. I still have nightmares about FrankenRyan and his Green Butterfly. Erica. I really don’t think the character was aging well and was becoming more of a caricature than a character. We have Adam and Brooke and Jesse and Angie to represent old school All My Children. Do we really need Erica?
  11. I kind of got worried when Adam uttered the line about Brooke never betraying him. That’s foreshadowing if I ever heard it. Brooke may not mean it as a betrayal, but Adam might see it as one. And what did Adam want Brooke to do for him?
  12. Right now, Adam, Brooke and Dixie don’t seem to have too much to do, but when JR wakes up that should change. It all depends on if people know JR was the shooter. I keep switching from they do and they don’t. Although it would make for better story if they didn’t know the truth. David could use it as a weapon against JR and the truth coming out could be a constant ticking time bomb just waiting to explode.
  13. I have to say I really like the respect the vets are being given in the online show. I love how prominently they’re featured in the opening credits. God knows they were giving plenty of disrespect when the show was on ABC.
  14. I see some people complaining the online soaps are only a half hour and only on four days a week. I actually like it. I think the half hour episodes are more tightly written than when the show was an hour long. Only having to do four episodes a week might also give the actors a less exhausting work schedule. I also hope they keep their casts small. When the casts got so large a lot of characters got lost in the shuffle.
  15. I guess the biggest treat for me is having Adam and Brooke back together. They’ve long been one of my favorite couples. I never cared for Liza and Adam. I always thought Adam found his perfect match in Brooke. Let’s hope the wedding their talking about comes to pass.


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