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All My Children Online -- Thoughts For The Week of May 7th, 2013

Updated on May 13, 2013
  1. I’ve had a hard time figuring out if the Pine Valley residents knew what JR did or didn’t. I think it’s because if they knew and then treated David the way they did it would make their hypocrisy reach ridiculous levels. Unfortunately, it seems that they do, as the Queen Hypocrite herself, Queen Chickenhead Dixie pretty much said she knew the truth, but of course she free passed her baby by claiming it was all David’s fault for what he did. But I guess she also thinks it was all Brooke’s fault she screwed Adam and got knocked up by him, too. The dumb pigeon from Pigeon Hollow routine might have worked when she was young, but at her age you’d think she would have grown some brain cells or at least some common sense.
  2. The whole it’s okay my baby killed your daughter, but you’re evil for shooting my son spiel isn’t the only reason Dixie deserved the label, Chickenhead. It turns out Tad is not dead. No he’s just out of town on assignment. No clue what that means. I swear the way that nitwit was carrying on you’d think he was dead and buried in the cemetery. When I learned Tad was just out of town on business I was like, “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.”
  3. When Jesse and Zach went to investigate Fancy Nails in Center City which seemed to be a front for prostitution it reminded me of old school All My Children. It brought back memories of Billy Clyde Tuggle, Estelle and Donna.
  4. So, it apparently took finding a half-dead girl in a dumpster for Jesse to finally tell Angie the truth. Unfortunately for him, Angie was already getting on to the fact that something had happened to Cassandra and Jesse has known it for days. Wonder how well she’ll take it when she learns her daughter has been kidnapped by white slavers and Jesse has kept that from her for days.
  5. Cara apparently never heard the hard rule for lying; keep it simple. She claimed David was bothering her and wouldn’t let go, although David seemed to do just that, so she decided to elaborate on a few details. Unfortunately, her elaboration only succeeded in making David suspicious and he accused her of having an abortion. He’s just given her an out. If she says she did have one, she won’t have to worry about David anymore. He’ll want nothing more to do with her.
  6. JR finally awoke from his coma but claims he can’t remember what happened. That’s pretty convenient. I’ll need to see a little more before I buy what he’s selling.
  7. I’ll be curious to see if once the police learn JR is awake, if they’ll arrest him for Marissa’s murder or if he’ll get the Lindsay Lohan free pass. The way the people are written as a bunch of hypocrites, I won’t be surprised if JR doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist.
  8. When Celia came back from her date with Pete she imagined seeing a strange man in the mirror. Is this her guardian? It was only a brief glimpse, but the man looked familiar. I keep thinking it was either the actor who played Krystal’s ex-husband, Mark, on Dynasty, or the guy who played on As The World Turns as a character named Cal, I think.
  9. Chickenhead was so thrilled to see AJ at JR’s beside. The woman doesn’t seem to get that her precious baby murdered this kid’s mother. Then she had a fit when David talked to AJ. Does the nitwit not get AJ is all David has left of the daughter her precious baby murdered because he couldn’t accept she’d dumped him for a woman? While she still has her precious baby. If you add up which one is worse, that would be JR. He murdered his kid’s mother, while David only shot the crud that murdered his daughter.
  10. When Miranda wanted to start attending Bramwell Hall instead of returning to Pine Valley High, AJ decided to throw her a fantasy prom night. He had her follow a trail of rose petals to a dress he bought for her and when she came down her favorite band was there to play for her. So far, this ranks as the most romantic moment on this show.
  11. It made no sense AJ getting suspended from school for punching Hunter. First off, what about what Hunter did? Secondly, AJ punched Hunter off school grounds after school hours. How can you suspend someone for something that didn’t even happen at school?
  12. Pete and Celia had one of those classic miscommunication moments. She heard Pete talking with his friend Dylan who was suggesting Pete was only using Celia to get her V-card. After that she wanted nothing more to do with him. It was nice the misunderstanding wasn’t stretched out for weeks.
  13. I understand they cast someone to play Colby. I wonder if she’ll be paired with Griffin, since no one currently on the canvas would work as a love interest for him. He’s got to have some story other than being a jerk about David. That got old the first time it happened.
  14. I wonder how this Lea is that’s appeared in the credits with Zach? Maybe she’s the girl they found in the dumpster. If so, she’s kind of young for a love interest for Zach. No offense but Thorsten Kaye is starting to show his age.
  15. That brings us to Cassandra. Just who will her love interest be? Again there doesn’t seem anyone age appropriate on the canvas at moment. That is, once she rescued, which I assume she will be.


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