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All My Children R.I.P.

Updated on September 23, 2011

Frankly, my dear, that was a lousy ending!

It's funny, people were excited by the return of Agnes Nixon to the show, to steer her baby into its final episodes on network television. They kept saying with her back the show would be getting better; but since she came back its only gotten worse. To the point I barely watched All My Children its last week. I could have DVRed it, but I was so disgusted by what was going on the show by then, I didn't even want to waste a disc on it. I only watched the last episode because I happened to be home.

Strangely enough it was seeing the number done on a character I don't even like, David Hayward, that was the last straw for me. I'd been pretty fed up with the number done on JR. Seeing everyone gather around that obsessive thug, Ryan Lavery, in his get David plot was disgusting. David was a rodent, but the guy saved several of the Lavery Loons lives, but any type of gratitude for that was beyond their comprehension. David Hayward was the Resident Evil and they had to take him down. I didn't watch when fellow resurrected thug Zach Cambias started doing all these horrible things that even appalled David as part of their pathetic nonsensical sting. But they all got to pat themselves on the backs for taking down David and stopping him from saving anymore lives of people that died. Congrats, guys, too bad what David did for all of you can't be reversed and you can all drop dead the way you would be if it wasn't for him saving your ungrateful lives. This kind of mindless mob mentality is the kind of stuff that fueled the Salem Witch Trials. You had that ape, Ryan, going around to everyone saying, "He's eviilllllllllllllll," as he converted one person after another to his mentality just to get the lunatic out of your face.

I understand that one of the actors that's signed on for the online version on All My Children is the actor [and I use that term loosely] who plays Ryan Lavery. He's one of the chief reasons this show got cancelled. The endless propping and pushing of this lousy character was one of the many characters that brought this show so low. Signing him insures I will not be watching any online version of this show. The online version might have a shot at working if they got rid of all the dead wood that took down the show, not bringing it along for the ride. The way the show ended its network run, is the way it ends for me. To be honest, nothing I've seen in the last few weeks gives me any interest to even watch it. Quite the contrary, it makes me not want to watch. I originally started watching soaps because of the good writing and good characters, and in the last few weeks the show had very little of both. Since Agnes Nixon is staying with the online version I have no assurance that's a situation that will be corrected.

As I said, the number they did on JR really turned me off. They could have had him get his life together when his mother came back from the dead, but they just kept sacrificing him on the altar of one of the Sainted Trailer Trash Careys. It wasn't the first time it happened, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. They had him lose everything. The Sainted Trailer Trash Marissa took JR's son from him even though she isn't even his mother and should have no legal right to him, he lost his home, his job and his father threw him to the curb like a piece of trash. I think the moment I wanted to shove my foot through my TV was when Tad demanded JR apologize to Marissa's trailer trash mama, Krystal, who'd done so many horrible things to him. As the show edged to its final curtain, they decided to make JR a killer, as he had a gun and was preparing to shoot someone. Since the show decided to go this way they should have at least given JR an uzi so he could do the job right, because one bullet won't take care all of the characters that should get shot and who have dragged this show to cancellation:

Erica Kane -- Yeah, I know Nixon and a lot of fans think she is the show, but the character has just gotten old, tired and nonsensical. She was a big David is evil chanter claiming he made her believe Mike Roy was alive, when all he told her was someone she loved was alive. He never said Mike Roy was alive, she convinced herself of that. I was more than tired of her after she stabbed David and couldn't understand why she got arrested for it. She ultimately got off for any punishment for her latest crime. In the finale episode, she chanted her tired line of, "I'm Erica Kane," and when Jack the dope finally dumped her, he recited the Rhett Butler line of, "Frankly, my dear..." Sorry Aggy, in no way, shape or form are Jack and Erica comparative to Rhett and Scarlett. Nixon has a total blind spot when it comes to this character. I remember the time they had Erica's face get disfigured and Nixon said she wouldn't show Erica's face scarred because her face was a national treasure or something. Then what was the point of having her face scarred to begin with?

KWAK aka Krystal With A K -- this horrible character should have been gotten rid of a long time ago. She goes around acting like she poop bricks of gold when she and her equally trashy dead daughter, Babe, are nothing but baby stealers. In the last few weeks I had to witness this horrid character pushed in situations like she was Mother Earth, that she has no business even being in. Totally bogus. She's one of the chief culprits for driving viewers away from the show in droves. Yet, the show didn't cut their losses and get rid of her like they should have years ago.

Marissa - her darling daughter who suddenly got converted into lesbianism even though she was straight. She thought even though she wasn't AJ's mother she had a right to keep him away from his father. JR was turned into a homophobic to prop her pathetic butt up.

Bianca -- The actress wears a perpetual hang-dog expression on her face and is such a drag on any scene taking the life out of it. I haven't been able to stand the character since she just stood there while her beloved Marissa was dumping JR for her. That should have been a private moment and if she had any class or brains she would have had the decency to leave, but she just stood there gawking with her perpetual hang-dog expression on her face. The truly pathetic thing was JR was treated as a piece of furniture in that scene and it was all about showing little Bianca she'd converted another straight woman into being a lesbian. God forbid Bianca actually fall for a lesbian. No she always goes for a straight woman and once she declares her magic love to them they magically get transformed into being a lesbian. More of Nixon's favoritism. Bianca is Erica's daughter.

Ryan, Greenlee, Kendal and Zach -- who make up two of the worst couples in the history of this show with no chemistry on the show. Of course, the show couldn't end without seeing one last shot of Ryleech acting inappropriate in public. If you're at a fancy party in a mansion who sits on their husband's lap? These four characters were shoved down everyone's throats ad nauseam as the top couples of the show, and compared to the truly top couples like Tad and Dixie and Angie and Jessie they scrape the bottom of the barrel.

Griff aka Mr. Perpetual Five O'Clock Shadow -- a blah character played by a blah actor who got shoved down everyone's throat ad nauseam as Kendal's potential new boyfriend, before David made the mistake of resurrecting ungrateful thug Zach Cambias.

Adam -- I like Adam and was happy to see Adam and Brooke, but his brother was magically resurrected and still he could care less about his own son. He was glad his son was gone and not around to cause any trouble. Something JR heard, which should get him a bullet for the way he treated his son.

Scott -- Every bad thing that happened to JR he relished, gloated and rubbed in his face, and he gets the happy ending. He gets the girl he wants and his father brought back from the dead.

See, JR needed an uzi to take all these characters down. One shot from a handgun wouldn't do it. If they have to destroy the JR character to prop up the pet lesbian of the show and her latest romance with a straight character she converted into a lesbian, then let him do the job right. Let JR take out all the dead wood that dragged this show down and lead it to cancellation. Let some good come out of the bad they did to this character.

I have to wonder if the show would have come to a better end if Agnes Nixon hadn't been brought back. There was quite a few stories she helped to botch up. One of the big stories was the Tad and Dixie reunion which was pretty badly written. It was dragged out so much that by the time it finally happened it has lost all its momentum. The story of Amanda having a STD that turned out to be cancer was also poorly researched and written. That too was blamed on JR, even though she couldn't have developed HPV a few days after sleeping with JR. And you never saw Amanda informing any of her past partners about having an STD and suggesting they should get tested. This story was written in a very irresponsible way.

It's really sad this show came to the end that it did. At one time it was a great show. It had a lot of great characters and couples that helped balance the antics of the over-the-top Erica Kane. A lot of great social issues were explored that were both well written and researched that educated the viewer.

The show ended with three cliffhangers: JR is drinking with a gun and is playing eenie meanie mighty moe trying to figure out which repulsive character he should shoot. David resurrected another character from the past but that wasn't revealed. And Jack walked out on Erica. Sorry, none of those stories make me want to tune into the online version of this show. I've still got too bad a taste in my mouth over the hatchet job that was done on the character of JR.

Of course, Jacob Young who played JR has the last laugh. He's already got a job on the Bold and Beautiful and will begins airing as his old character Rick Forrester. It's nice someone can be a winner in this situation, when so many fans are the loser for the way this once great show ended. It might have been better if the show hadn't been bought so it could continue online. At least then it might have had a decent ending.


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