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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/10/11

Updated on March 10, 2011
Caleb needs to pursue Opal and not Erica...Just sayin'.
Caleb needs to pursue Opal and not Erica...Just sayin'.

Emma made a stilted phone call to David, but Ryan snatched the phone from him. She told him she and Annie were in Boston, MA, and then she asked for Madison. She promptly hung up, leaving a desperate Ryan to request his ex-girlfriend accompany him to Boston…Where exactly in Boston remains to be the question. Greenlee wanted to go with him, but because a Fusion cosmetic product is faltering and causing a media uproar, she was left to stay behind in order to fix matters. She wanted Kendall to take over, but Ryan said, “Kendall is not in any condition to handle Fusion, remember?!” Greenlee agreed, much to her chagrin. And still much to her dismay, she gave the thumbs up to Madison to travel with Ryan, the blonde’s ex-boyfriend and father to her baby (which he doesn’t know about the baby part--he knows about their previous relationship, duh).

Davidis trying to get back in with Pine Valley Hospital. His calling is as cardiac surgeon and not as bed pan intern. He is working his blackmailing muscles and itching to get some real dirt on either Greenlee or Scott, to use as leverage to somehow get his old job back. He let this be known to both parties, so at least, the “new, improved” David gave them a head’s up.

Jack is on the mend with his beloved Erica. He surprised her by telling her he purchased Kendall and Zach’s yacht. Now, he and Erica can escape and pretend they’re sailing on the rocky waves instead of just escaping to her penthouse or his hotel room. Wonder how much cash that set him back? And I wonder if Reverend Ricky knows about the quick sale? He just may be walking in on the couple when they're getting really chummy sometime in the near future…Oh, is that a spoiler?

With Griffin’s blessing, Kendall approached Officer Brot and showed him her letter from Zach—the one where he slips and refers to her as “sweetheart”. She told Brot Zach would never have called her any form of endearment (even though he was a poet…unless he saved such nicknames for his poetry…). Brot said there was not enough evidence for the Pine Valley Police to proceed on the case; however, he believes in trusting one’s gut. So, if it stinks, follow the scent. However, Kendall is just about done with this letter business. She even told Griffin this, but all of a sudden the drug-stealing doctor is changing his tune and suggesting she pursue her hunch.


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