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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/1/11

Updated on March 2, 2011
Next juicy couple?
Next juicy couple?

Jake started off today’s All My Children still acting very un-character-like to his sweet Amanda. He was still holding a grudge as he couldn’t understand why Amanda would go after his ex who had come to town still in love with him, with her sights on taking him back to Doctors Without Borders so they could live happily together forever. No ulterior motives there, ahem. But, alas, all is well again with the pair. By the end of today’s episode, Jake was able to overly smooch Amanda in their "secret" meetingplace. Drumroll....The Park. Thank goodness he forgave her! He and Amanda then walked into Tad’s house to catch him and Cara kissing for the camera (they're taking couple photos for the INS guy to chronicle their relationship). Tad and Cara were getting to know each other over a candlelit dinner, filling the other on past romances and children they have (Tad has four, Cara nil. No secret love babies of Jake’s there). This is the same evening Jake told a demanding big brother Tad all about why and how he had fallen hopelessly, madly in love with her in a thried world country.

Jack basically dumped the Cortlandt Electronics-fascinated Erica. He brought up her New Year’s kiss with Caleb, which she excused as saying it meant nothing to her; it just happened. Jack was like, you idiot, didn’t this happen to us before? Doesn’t this always happen to you?! Then, the final straw was broken when Erica urged Jack to fire Krystal. Oh, no, she didn’t . With Krystal prowling around, he’s doomed.

Opal wants in on Cortlandt Electronics. It will bring her closer to her deceased beloved Palmer Cortlandt (the founder of the company), and she will be picking up her “bestie”, Erica’s slack there. Oh, and she also made it clear to Caleb that she is “running interference” to keep him from breaking up Erica and Jack. Too late. But, hold the phone, how about this? Forget Caleb smirking at her as she told him her plans for learning the business for a second. Wouldn’t Caleb and Opal be an interesting pairing? I said it about Tad and Cara and that came true. Now, I think seeing Opal and Caleb would be cool. Opal’s had no one in her life to curl up with near the perpetually-blazing fireplace even though it's 90 degrees and summer for so so long. It would be soap opera magic.

Colby’s Internet tear-induced video message was sent to the world, much to her chagrin. Asher walked in on her global announcement that her mother, the Pine Valley DA had slept with her much-younger boyfriend. Freaking out (and, of course you would be…why did she record this?!), Asher told her he was able to delete her message with only a few worldwide people seeing it. No worries. But, aha! There were worries in store for Colby. After she sent Damon a message online that she was done-done with him and never wanted to hear from him again (you go, girl!), she came to the frightening conclusion that the world was able to see her original tear-sobbed story, after all. The one with the DA and the boy who flew to California to go to law school. Asher didn’t erase it! OMG!


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