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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/11/11

Updated on March 12, 2011
Griffin's address book in this order:  Erica, Greenlee, Kendall...
Griffin's address book in this order: Erica, Greenlee, Kendall...

Still No Annie; Surprise, Ryan!

So apparently, you can only get a decent cup of coffee at Pine Valley Hospital. After Greenlee berated and then made up with Kendall, Kendall offered to run out to the medical center to fetch the Fusion crew some hot beverages. Greenlee was frazzled because the grieving Kendall had been MIA the night before when the bleep hit the fan--she had been oblivious to the Fusion uproar (apparently, their makeup product killed a slew of lab rats—don’t tell PETA—and so the item is being pulled off boutique shelves).

Madison and Ryan spent the night in Boston lying in wait for the ever elusive Annie and Emma to make an appearance. However, she was a no-show, and so the glum pair returned to Ryan’s condo in Pine Valley. It was there that Madison’s belly cramps grew severe. They raced to PVH and she was promptly checked by an on-call doctor.

Meanwhile, Scott told Greenlee he has no problem pretending he’s the father of Madison’s baby…forever, if that’s what Madison wishes. That was sweet relief to Greenlee...until Ryan and Greenlee overheard Madison tell the doctor she is nineteen weeks pregnant. Nineteen weeks ago, Scott was in prison and Ryan was Madison’s boyfriend. Oops.

I like Tad and Cara together. Much better than Cara and Jake together. Just my opnion, of course. But, to me, they’re a more likable couple. They have good chemistry.

The I-hate-Amanda count is creeping up. Griffin and Cara both made her feel like sludge again. She is trying so hard to get everyone back on her side, but it is one tough mountain to climb in her stilettos. Go Amanda go!

Kendall threw away her last letter from Zach…She told Griffin, “I have soooo many letters from Zach. Why don’t I just throw them all away?” Okay, she didn’t really say that; but basically, that’s what she implied . But, oh-no-she-didn't!, Griffin reached into the trash receptacle and rescued the tossed letter once Kendall had left the room.


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