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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/14/11-3/18/11

Updated on March 19, 2011
I'm a new Daddy?
I'm a new Daddy?

3/14/11 - Ryan's Gonna Be A Daddy Again!

Madison allowed Ryan to believe his ears. She honestly told him she was, in fact, pregnant with his daughter. He was surprised and a little affronted. He couldn’t understand why Madison would keep such a secret from him. She told him she was unsure if she even wanted to keep the baby…and then the whole him and Greenlee jumping into marriage together. Lots of big changes, ya know? Anyway, he didn’t seem angry. Thank goodness he had Greenlee’s shoulder to cry on. At least that lady would never lie about something like another woman carrying his baby. Ha! (Oh, and the baby is a-okay. Just a little dehydrated.)

Jesse and Angie have bestowed the grand honor of godparents onto Jake and Amanda. Angie decided the baby’s name will be Ellie Hubbard, named after Jesse’s deceased mother whom Angie had never met. Jesse was brought to tears. Happy tears.

Amanda finally stuck it to the Martins. She ballyhooed, she hollered. She told them to stop making her feel like she slept with her daughter's boyfriend (oops, sorry about that, Liza). She told Jake, Tad, and Cara that there is nothing she can do to alter history. Cara was, after all, illegally in America; and Amanda is sorry. She’s sorry, okay?! This seemed to hit home with the trio anti-Amanda clan (Thank the Lord!). They may finally be able to move on and cease the bullying. Now, wait and see what Griffin thinks about this sudden change of stance.


Where's my hospital gown, doc?
Where's my hospital gown, doc?

3/15/11 - Family Sticks Together

JR reminded Colby that she needs to stick with family. Her little video message about how her mother slept with her boyfriend had really not been the way to keep the Chandler bond strong. Colby, annoyed with big brother's advice, asked Erica about her secret to success. It was there that she got the motherly reassurance she needed. Also, Asher pumped her up with some, "Your Internet fans are waiting for another video, Ms. Colby," which she promptly recorded. However, this time her message wasn't so depressing and dirty. More uplifting than the last. JR was clearly on the We Are Family track as he popped in on Scott at his scroungy apartment and asked him to move back into the Chandler Mansion (anything to get Marissa to move back in...will he change his mind about that when Annie pops up again? Oh dear). Scott stuck to his guns and said he was happy living in grime with his roomy, Madison.

Madison and Scott stuck it to the Powers That Be. Madison caught Greenlee trying to take ownership of her idea of baby skincare products, but swiftly revealed to Kendall that this had, in fact, been her idea. Then, for extra insurance, she threatened to tell Ryan that Greenlee had known all along that Madison was carrying his baby, if Greenlee didn't put her in charge of the Fusion baby skincare project. Greenlee cowered and made Madison head of the project. Kablam! Scott's thick skin really is growing. Not only did he shoot JR and his housing proposal down, but he also told Ryan to back off. Madison is not going to be living with him where Ryan can take 24/7 OCD care of her baby. Kapooey!

Add Kendall to the list of Ryan's-The-Daddy-of-Madison's-baby-And-Not-Scott-And-Greenlee-Knew-The-Whole-Time. That brings the count to Greenlee, Madison, Scott, Kendall, and Randi. The count as to who is in on the Greenlee lie is growing...uh-oh; this is not good. But, when Kendall found out about Greenlee's whopper, she promised she'd stick with her fave gal-pal. We know how good Kendall is at keeping her nose out of other people's business...

This isn't going to end well
This isn't going to end well

3/16/11 - Internet Madness

Colby isn’t backing down in her angst against her mother, Liza. She walked into Confusion to find a drunk Liza disturbing the peace. Liza was in the midst of sarcastically advising the clientele there to “lock up their boys” as she was coming for them. Perhaps a swift offense maneuver, Colby recorded the scene and promptly uploaded it to the Internet. Quickly, the video received “almost a MILLION hits.” That is very quick. A million hits on a video of a small town drunk State Prosecutor’s rant…a couple hours after it happened? A million views. Colby, you should be proud of yourself attracting that kind of viral video activity. I hope she has some ads set up on that sucker. Meanwhile as Colby was raking in her growing WWW fan base, Liza let David, her only friend (if you could call him that) take her to a hotel room as she didn’t want to return to her lonely apartment. He took his opportunity, as he does best, and pounced on her…in a needy way.

Amanda got all dolled up and looked very pretty/sexy in a little pink frilly dress for a night at Confusion with her main man, Jake. However the busy acting-as Chief of Staff Jake had to cancel last minute to tend to Cara’s professional image. And this time it had nothing to do with Amanda. Go figure! He, along with his dear old dad, the retired Pine Valley Hospital former Chief of Staff, Joe Martin, stood before the Medical Board to defend Cara’s medical license and employment. Remember when Cara decided it was in the young leukemia patient's best interest to counsel her parents for being too protective? Well, the parents are angry and they want to sue Pine Valley Hospital. However, the Medical Board agreed if Cara apologized to the patient’s parents then she’d continue to have her place doctoring the ill and injured. Cara was not hunky-dory with this ultimatum, but Jake said, “Do it, or stay home all day with Tad,” so maybe she will do as told, after all…Not that there is anything against living with Tad…unless he grows his hair long again. That wasn't a good look for him.

Bianca, Kendall, and Marissa shared drinks at Confusion—enjoying a much-needed girls’ night out, and guess what? Marissa actually was likeable. A good side to see on the always spiteful redhead. Marissa ended the night at Krystal’s Restaurant with a night cap when Bianca waltzed in and ordered one large piece of chocolate cake and two spoons. Watch out, Marissa. Binks is on the rebound.

Hi, Emma, how are you? Oh wait...she's not there.
Hi, Emma, how are you? Oh wait...she's not there.

3/17/11 - Annie And Emma Back In Town

Annie’s back! She and Emma trekked to Pine Valley and ended up in the community park: obviously. It was there that she mugged a man passing through. At first she hallucinated he was Scott; but soon enough, she saw clearly that it was a tourist who happened to be staying at a nearby hotel. His wallet and hotel key in Annie's hand, she took a frightened Emma to his room. From there Emma secretly called her confidante, Madison. She whispered that there was something very wrong with her mama. Madison obligingly told Ryan about the call. After breaking down Annie’s hotel room door (yeah, how’s he going to explain that one to the front desk?), he and Greenlee pounced on a frightened Annie. He promised he’d take care of she and Emma if she told him where Emma was. Annie said, “She’s behind the sofa, silly.” But, guess what? Emma was gone! Yep, she high-tailed it back to the community park. Don’t worry, though. Someone in Pine Valley is bound to find her there.

Krystal was set on moving out of Tad’s swinging house, but Cara asked her to stay. She said something about how Krystal was the first friendly face she met in the big PV. That must have touched Krystal’s heart, because she decided she’d stay with Tad, Cara, and Kathy and Jenny, after all.

Griffin caught Reverend Ricky making another house call to Kendall at her house. Griffin was making a housecall too. Something about him taking Kendall's pulse or something. Yeah, I know, a weak excuse. The rev received another phone call from Diana, his secret bad guy partner in crime. This time, however, Kendall intercepted one of the calls. But, not to worry, she thinks Diana is a parishioner crushing on the reverend. Griffin still thinks something is up with the clergyman, but he is keeping his lips sealed for now. But, Ricky doesn’t seem to be returning the favor. He made up a complete fabrication and told Kendall that local kids are using drugs that have been traced back to Pine Valley Hospital, and does she know anything about it? Heh heh. Well, ya see, the sneaky Ricky had overheard Kendall and Griffin chatting about how Griffin steals medical drugs from the hospital. So, naturally, Ricky has some very useful information that could come in handy for a bad guy.

Not so cute when they grow up
Not so cute when they grow up

3/18/11 - David Misses His Old Job

David is making it known to more than a few wealthy Pine Valley residents that he wants--really wants--his old job back at Pine Valley Hospital. He has been volunteering at the nearby clinic as a Girl Friday, much like Scott has been doing for the hospital. However, he is pleading with the likes of Griffin, Kendall, and JR to pretty please (remember, I saved your life?) go to the PVH Medical Board and put in a good word for him. (Look, Board members, Dr. Hayward isn't so sadistic anymore. He really won't kill anyone on purpose in the hospital.) However, it looks like only Griffin is willing to reinstate the cardiologist to his old position at this juncture in time

Annie has fallen into the deep end. JR seemed sincere enough as he told her he still loved her. Unfortunately, for Annie, though, she thinks she's headed to her wedding at the mental hospital. Actually, she's seeing Dr. Burke at Oakhaven where she will likely be admitted and will remain for a very long time. Too bad. I liked Annie and JR together. He wasn't such a bleep when he was with her. Ryan has Emma at home safely with him, not to worry. He found her in the park. Naturally.

In respose to Ricky's fib that someone from the hospital is selling pain meds illegally to teenagers, Kendall inconspicuously visited Griffin at PVH to ask him if he knew anything about it. Griffin was like, why would I, you idiot? Because that's how he gets, ya know. Um, Griffin, because you told me you've been stealing pain meds from the hospital?? That's why! Anyway, he calmed a little and said that that was a negatory where he was concerned. Later, he requested a meeting with Zach's casino partners (AKA, Diana). Kendall showed up at his place all gussied up as well and said, "I'm coming too, schweethaut."


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