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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/2/11

Updated on March 9, 2011
The lady with the dark eyes
The lady with the dark eyes

Griffin suspects Reverend Ricky. He knows there's something untoward in the young preacher; but, what it is exactly, he's not too sure of. But, he doesn't like it. Ricky showed up at Kendall's house and suggested she tell him about all of the memories/places she and Zach used to haunt (no pun intended where Zach is concerned) and Kendall mentioned Father Clarence and the chapel she and Zach met each other at. Kendall, finally feeling worse, kicked Ricky out of her house (in a nice way). Griffin also made a house call and advised Kendall to stop dwelling on Zach as that was not helping her in her grief. Hopefully, she won't do something crazy like lead Ricky to the chapel. (Sounds like a nice sneaky and romantic place to hide secrets.)

Cara and Tad told Jesse about their wedding plans. Jesse was surprised and possibly even hurt that his BFF, Tad, failed to mention he was dating the frisky doctor. But, that's okay, as Tad told Jake that he was intending on asking Jesse to be his Best Man at the wedding, since they're friends; oh, and so the INS guy who's sniffing around will not question the faux relationship. (I don't think Jesse has as much cred as he used to with all of the shifty illegal things he's done in the last couple years...think Madison and her murdering her husband cover-up and the more recent David drama.) Tad told his daughters, Jenny and Kathy about their wedding, and the girls accepted it very well as they thought Cara reminded them of Dora the Explorer.

Marissa, Bianca's lawyer, told Bianca that Reese is asking to see their daughters in Paris for Spring Break. Bianca was fine with this; she even thought her accompanying the girls was a great idea. How awful for poor Bianca! She's been asking to see Reese all along and now that they're divorcing, Reese is showing interest in the girls. Marissa warned Bianca again that their divorce could turn ugly, no matter how cordial they've been.


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