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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/21/11

Updated on March 21, 2011
Huh, a canceled meeting. Nobody cancels on Dr. Castillo!
Huh, a canceled meeting. Nobody cancels on Dr. Castillo!

Hey, Jealousy!

Cara and Tad’s relationship is starting to stir up jealousy in Jake (it’s still simmering, but we know it’s there alright). He caught Cara shopping online for a little something special for her “fake husband” as she so openly declared in the hospital for anyone to hear. But, don’t worry. I don’t think anyone caught it. Jake, however, seemed less than thrilled for the newlyweds’ excitement. He also dabbled a bit more in the jealousy pot when Amanda announced she was meeting JR at Confusion for her new employee orientation. Confusion is the place to be. Oh, and so is the park…Diana and Ricky met there today. I don’t know if they realize how popular the park really is to the citizens of Pine Valley. There has to be a high probability rate of someone walking in on one of their secretive non-church-related talks. And I think everyone knows each other in town, too. They’re a bit sloppy for crooks, aren’t they?

Emma does not like Greenlee anymore. Huh-uh, she’s not having it. She flat out told Greenlee and Ryan she didn’t like them and that Annie had warned her they were no good. However, there is someone she does like. Madison! Ryan took the bait of the 8-year-old and requested Madison meet him and Emma at Pine Valley Hospital for a psych eval with Cara and Jake. After meeting with Em, Cara suggested to Ryan that she start seeing a therapist as it would surely help in her recent trauma (i.e. her mom was taken unwillingly back into the psychiatric hospital inpatient).

Ricky told Diana that her meeting with Griffin on behalf of Zach's casino partners wasn’t happening. He called Griffin incognito to cancel. Griffin was disappointed. However Greenlee heard about the cancellation and told Kendall, who had been hoping to tag along with him to the meeting. A peeved Kendall said, “Gotcha! I caught you lying!” to Griffin, but he shrugged it off and let her believe he was out on a date.


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