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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/22/11

Updated on March 22, 2011
PDA with David and Liza...Colby, start recording!
PDA with David and Liza...Colby, start recording!

After avoiding further discussions of her impending divorce (purposely spending her downtime in celebrating AJ’s birthday alongside JR, Marissa, and Miranda), Bianca finally heard what Marissa had been warning could happen:  Reese is requesting full custody of both of their daughters. While hard-headed Marissa is begging to fight this plea in court by pointing out that Reese is not the girls' biological mother, Bianca doesn’t want to touch that defense. Sweet-natured Binks doesn’t want it to bite Marissa in the long run in any potential custody suits between her and JR (AJ is JR’s son, but not Marissa’s. She is his adoptive mother). Marissa was flabbergasted to hear this. So was the audience at home.

Colby is an entrepreneur. It is in her blood, after all. She presented her video blog to JR as a Chandler Enterprises marketing ploy. JR, however, scoffed at her idea as her video blogs are less than business appropriate. She’s got a video where she sobs that her mother slept with her boyfriend and another where her drunk mother threatens to sleep with all the Confusion patrons’ sons. Hmmm, I tend to be on JR’s side in this matter. Not defeated, Colby propositioned Erica and Caleb for the opportunity to video blog about women issues on behalf of Cortlandt, Enterprises instead, as JR had knocked her down. Erica took interest and Caleb went out to offer a job to Asher as they’ll need someone tech savvy in this new stunt. They hire fast at Cortlandt. Hmmm…I wonder if they need someone to write a blog for them…hint, hint!

Jesse was nervous about having to be “in the room” for when Angie comes to delivering Ellie. He confessed this to Cara, who in turn, grabbed Jake’s arm and decided they’d show Jesse a thing or two about birthing babies. For someone who really wants to be out of the picture, Cara doesn’t seem to know how to do just that. Why is she always hanging around Jake? Why does she keep bringing up babies and the war zone with him? What is she thinking? Poor Amanda.Amanda needs to get some of that old fire she used to have and come back swinging.

Jack presented Erica with vacation plans. Apparently, her dream vacation was originally booked two years out; but, Prince Jack swooped in and was able to get them booked a few weeks from now. Now they can get married! See how this all works? This really is the year of weddings for All My Children . Wedding #3, here we come! If Erica doesn’t jump into Caleb’s arms, that is. Again. Oh, and if they don't decide on hiring Reverend Ricky to do the nuptials (he's not really a reverend).


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