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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/23/11

Updated on March 30, 2011
Drinking on the job
Drinking on the job

Private Eyes Aren't Perfect

Hilarious. Awesome. I love it! All My Children has really been getting juicy lately don’t you think? And the creepy Reverend Ricky is a part of that excitement. After Griffin got beat up by some casino stooges when he tried breaking into Diana’s office, Reverend Ricky “ran into” Kendall at the hospital to tell her he was there visiting teen parishioners who had gotten beaten up by the Pine Valley Hospital Drug Dealer. His description was of the beaten Griffin Castillo, whom Kendall had just left. Griffin had lied and told Kendall his date’s ex-boyfriend beat him up and not Ricky’s casino partners. Oh no, what is a girl to think? Unfortunately, for Kendall and perhaps for Griffin, Tad and Griffin have plans to keep mum on their detective work for the time being. At least, as Griffin told his worried sister, Cara, until he has more definitive answers to what really happened to Zach, and what the deal is with the mysterious "sweetheart" letter. This may prove a bad scheme on Griffin's behalf as Reverend Ricky's word is starting to look more palpable than the temperamental doctor's.

Jack and Erica are getting married on May 14. Don’t worry, I looked it up. It’s on a Saturday. Erica told an ecstatic Kendall that the actual wedding date had finally been set, but when Kendall announced it to her Fusion staff, Erica was not so pleased. Maybe because it won’t happen. Maybe she will run off with Caleb on May 14 instead. After drinking a beer at Krystal’s Restaurant and then sipping on another drink at Confusion, Erica overheard Caleb telling Marissa that Erica starts a fire in him. Oh, la la!

After a rousing snowball fight in the park, Bianca declared her strong faith in Marissa’s fighting for her in divorce court against Reese. Bianca still isn’t onboard with arguing the custody battle by pointing out that Reese is neither daughter’s biological mother, but perhaps Marissa will find another strategy. She went to Caleb for his sage advice.

Last 'All My Children' Entry Note

***This is my last All My Children Recap With A Friend for now. While I am still fervently watching our favorite soap opera, I am taking a break from the recaps. I am planning on creating more variety articles for a while...Please feel free to let me know if you'd like the recaps to continue, of course!***


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