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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/3/11

Updated on March 3, 2011
My sleeves are torn
My sleeves are torn

The INS agent is still snooping around Pine Valley Hospital. He nosed yet again into Cara and Jake’s business, asking things like “why did you break up?” and “when did you fall out of love?” He also warned, “Better watch out, you two; you keep it up, and you just may fall in love all over again.” Cara and Jake did one of their smoldering remember-when gazes and then Amanda swooped in with an “Am I interrupting anything, guys?”

Tad met Mrs. Castillo, Cara and Griffin’s madre. She is less than thrilled with her first impression of Tad. She asked how many times has he been married, how many kids does he have, how old is he? Always the cad, he told Mama Castillo that he and Cara are in love and Jake is out of the picture (where Cara's heart is concerned, anyway)…However, in soap opera fashion, Tad and Mrs. Castillo walked in on Jake and Cara hugging it out in Tad’s living room (Cara is scared with the INS business and all, and Jake was consoling her. Nothing fishy going on, folks! Back to what you were doing before.)

Emma called Madison again on one of the throw-away phones Annie keeps buying (heehee). All Madison could glean from the call was that Emma is someplace that has seagulls. She passed this information on to Ryan. Ryan now may be working with David, odd as that sounds as they have a pretty brutal history together. David told Greenlee he is willing to help the pair locate Emma and Annie if Greenlee can help him get his medical license back (man’s gotta work, after all).

Reverend Ricky is really becoming more and more of a creep. He dropped in on Kendall again at her house, trying to goad her into elaborating on the chapel where she and Zach met Father Clarence (hey, maybe Ricky wants to compare notes with the priest, heh heh). She felt uneasy and who wouldn’t with him staring her down like that? And what happened to the white collar he used to always wear? Kendall told Ricky how she is really really bothered by Zach’s letter referring to her as “sweetheart”, a term he had found demeaning (geez, Zach). Zach wouldn’t have written that. Ricky then pulled a lie from under his proverbial hat and said, “We discussed this last night, remember? What are you, crazy?” (Okay, he didn’t call her crazy, but he implied it.) Kendall bowed out and spoke with Griffin at Pine Valley Hospital. She asked he alter her medications as she is starting to forget entire conversations. Griffin refused. Poor Kendall. Aidan kidnapped her a few tear ago due to his obsession with the perpetual heart patient, and now it looks like Reverend Ricky Torres may be planning something also sinister involving her.


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