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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/4/11

Updated on March 5, 2011
Nasty Reverend Ricky is tired of house calls
Nasty Reverend Ricky is tired of house calls

Walking on, walking on murky water!!! Jack has moved out of Erica's pad. He said "Enough is enough already!" But, don't you fret. Erica surprised him by breaking into his hotel room and ordering a bottle of the Yacht Club's finest champagne. Whew! The writers of All My Children didn't want us to worry about those two. Yes, there are rough waters ahead; but at least, this power couple can spend some time, heart-to-heart, mano y womano.

Reverend Ricky is not so compassionate with his parishioners. He is busy busy busy making counseling phone calls from his neediest church-goers (well, in his scam he appears to be), but lately he has been a bit snotty with them. If Kendall would learn how to eavesdrop like Amanda, she'd hear how nasty he is to everybody else. Anyway, Ricky accompanied Kendall to her boat, in search of any seedy clues left behind by Zach. She has memorized Zach's last letter to her and feels certain now that there is something "off" in it. Thank goodness the reverend is there by her side in her hour(s) of need.

Mami Castillo is none-to-pleased to see that Cara is marrying Tad, Jake's older brother tomorrow. Her daughter has a habit of neglecting to introduce her mother to her fiances (she hadn't met Jake prior to their wedding); but, at least, she is meeting Tad before the Big Day. Yes, another Pine Valley shot gun wedding. However, it my not be as simple as fooling the INS. Mrs. Castillo told Griffin she intends on taking Cara home with her. And, Cara gave Jake his engagement ring back as it reminds Cara of what they used to have Amanda watched from the Pine Valley Hospital hallway.


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