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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/7/11

Updated on March 8, 2011
Happening news in Pine Valley
Happening news in Pine Valley

Colby feels vindicated. After a few rough-and-tumble months, she has finally gotten the upper-hand in the Chandler family. She has now begun receiving a fan mail of a sort:  betrayed girls with similar tales are posting I-know-how-it-feels-sister messages to her online confession of how her mother, the Pine Valley DA, slept with Colby's boyfriend. JR, ever protective of the family business, is angry. He has Scott and Annie and Cortlandt Electronics garbage that he has been working on cleaning up...and now, now this?! Liza found out about the web confession because everyone at Confusion (including Krystal, Opal, and Tad's daughters) has found the web posting. Man, I have a feeling I would be behind on this town gossip. For some reason, it has spread like wildfire. I don't know how Krystal's girls stumbled upon it while listening to music on her phone. Kids these days are so tech savvy.

Reverend Ricky was being extra sneaky again. He had accompanied Kendall onto her yacht so he could "help" her find whatever secrets Zach left behind. When she was called away to pick up an ill Spike from school, he started ransacking the place. I mean, we are talking couch cushions everywhere. But, alas, Kendall returned to the yacht, catching him in the act. Apparently, the school got the ill kids mixed up (I mean, who doesn't have lice nowadays?) and Spike was actually fine. And Ricky was fine, too. He was able to lie and say he was looking for his phone. Aha, he found it. Griffin walked in on them at the yacht. Kendall must have a beacon on her--maybe he placed a honing device on her pacemaker. He again told her to calm down and stop her search for Zach paraphernalia. Also, he spoke openly about his hospital drug snatching (his way of getting his favorite patient to trust him), and guess who overheard? The reverend. Suh-nap!

Griffin told his mother he will not allow her to stop Cara and Tad's wedding, much to her chagrin. Tad lied some more to Jesse and said he was a grownup who was going to marry the woman he loved (Cara). And Jake and Amanda seem to be getting back to normal again. Lots of PDA and the private sort, too.


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