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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/8/11

Updated on March 9, 2011
Amanda's descent to rock bottom
Amanda's descent to rock bottom

Cara and Tad are married. Final, kaput . Agent Trumbull crashed the wedding, which was held in the living room at Tad and Krystal's house. It's a good thing Mother Castillo has no qualms against it not being a church wedding. She seemed pleased enough to see that Tad had remembered the 13 traditional bells.

(A side note:  Wouldn’t that be brilliant if Cara and Griffin weren’t really siblings? Remember when Jake saw the two of them right before she ran off (and away from their marriage)? He thought she was having an affair with Griffin at the time…did Jake once say he saw the pair kissing? (I may have this wrong.) That would be a great twist if it had been true:  that Griffin and Cara weren’t actually brother and sister. Their relationship would make more sense to me.)

Cara discovered Amanda was the one within the circle who had tipped off the INS about her being illegally in America on an assumed name. Moments before her wedding to Tad, Cara promptly showed up at Amanda's home to spew her vicious venom at her. So, naive Amanda (who used to be a tough girl) buried her self-pitying head in dirty martinis at Confusion in lieu of attending Cara and Tad's sham wedding.

Angie got the all-clear on returning home to Pine Valley, now heavily pregnant. However, immediately after telling Jesse this in the same phone conversation, she turned around and said she can't fly on a plane, nor would she want to take a train in case she goes into labor...The doctor told her she can travel ! Excuse me, I apologize for the written outburst. Then, Jesse requested Frankie, their son, to accompany them in case she goes into labor on her journey home. His mom. In labor. Where her son may have to deliver her baby. It's good to have a doctor in the family (okay, so they have two).



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